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2010Patients' understanding of technical terms used during the pre-anaesthetic consultationBabitu, U.; Cyna, A.
2010The scientific evidence for acute pain treatmentMacintyre, P.; Walker, S.
2010The performance of compartmental and physiologically based recirculatory pharmacokinetic models for propofol: A comparison using bolus, continuous, and target-controlled infusion dataMasui, K.; Upton, R.; Doufas, A.; Johan, F.; Kazama, T.; Mortier, E.; Struys, M.
2010Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in the critically ill: a point prevalence survey of current practice in Australian and New Zealand intensive care unitsPeake, Sandra Lois; Williams, Patricia Joan; Chapman, Marianne; O'Connor, Stephanie Nola
2010A pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of oral oxycodone in a human experimental pain model of hyperalgesiaOlesen, A.; Upton, R.; Foster, D.; Staahl, C.; Christrup, L.; Arendt-Nielsen, L.; Drewes, A.
2010Improving trauma care in India: a recommendation for the implementation of ATLS training for emergency department medical officersDouglas, R.; Vasanthi, B.; Giles, A.; Kumar, G.
2010Torsade de pointes in a patient with acute prolonged QT syndrome and poorly controlled diabetes during sevoflurane anaesthesiaThiruvenkatarajan, V.; Osborn, K.; van Wijk, R.; Euler, P.; Sethi, R.; Moodie, S.; Biradar, V.
2010'Speaking valve' aspiration in a laryngectomy patientRao, V.; Lambert, P.; Pant, H.; O'Reilly, M.
2010Transfusion practice and guidelines in Australian and New Zealand intensive care unitsPeake, S.; Sharley, P.
2010Triggers for emergency team activation: A multicenter assessmentChen, J.; Bellomo, R.; Hillman, K.; Flabouris, A.; Finfer, S.