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2010Recruiting palliative patients for a large qualitative study: Some ethical considerations and staff dilemmasTan, H.; Wilson, A.; Olver, I.; Barton, C.
2009Management of asthma in Australian general practice: Care is still not in line with clinical practice guidelinesBarton, C.; Proudfoot, J.; Amoroso, C.; Ramsay, E.; Holton, C.; Bubner, T.; Harris, M.; Beilby, J.
2008Allied mental health referral trends in the Adelaide Hills Division of General PracticeBarton, C.; Opolski, M.; Cleland, E.; Cotton, A.; Briggs, N.
2005Experiences of Australian parents caring for children with asthma: it gets easierBarton, C.; Sulaiman, N.; Clarke, D.; Abramson, M.
2010Do small group workshops and locally adapted guidelines improve asthma patients' health outcomes? A cluster randomized controlled trialSulaiman, N.; Barton, C.; Liaw, S.; Harris, C.; Sawyer, S.; Abramson, M.; Robertson, C.; Dharmage, S.
2005Caring for a marginalised community: the costs of engaging with culture and complexityRogers, G.; Barton, C.; Pekarsky, B.; Lawless, A.; Oddy, J.; Hepworth, R.; Beilby, J.
2006Allied Health for mental health: why do GPs refer?Cleland, E.; Cotton, A.; Barton, C.; Burgess, T.; Martin, A.
2009What are the mental health needs of adolescents in rural South Australia? The perceptions of human service providersKurtin, M.; Barton, C.; Winefield, A.; Edwards, J.
2013Programmes to support chronic disease self-management: should we be concerned about the impact on spouses?Masters, S.; Oliver-Baxter, J.; Barton, C.; Summers, M.; Howard, S.; Roeger, L.; Reed, R.
2003Coping as a mediator of psychosocial impediments to optimal management and control of asthmaBarton, C.; Clarke, D.; Sulaiman, N.; Abramson, M.