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2012Ageing in general practice (AGP) trial: a cluster randomised trial to examine the effectiveness of peer education on GP diagnostic assessment and management of dementiaPond, C.; Brodaty, H.; Stocks, N.; Gunn, J.; Marley, J.; Disler, P.; Magin, P.; Paterson, N.; Horton, G.; Goode, S.; Paine, B.; Mate, K.
2009Physicians, the industry and population healthGervas, J.; Mansfield, P.
2004Binners, fillers and filers - a qualitative study of GPs who don't return postal questionnairesStocks, N.; Braunack-Mayer, A.; Somerset, M.; Gunnell, D.
2004Developing and evaluating the grieflink web site: processes, protocols, dilemmas and lessons learnedClark, S.; Burgess, T.; Laven, G.; Bull, C.; Marker, J.; Browne, E.
2010The dose of epinephrine to treat anaphylaxisRussell, W.
2010A tool to measure whether business management capacity in general practice impacts on the quality of chronic illness careHolton, C.; Proudfoot, J.; Jayasinghe, U.; Grimm, J.; Bubner, T.; Winstanley, J.; Harris, M.; Beilby, J.
2003Drug advertising in medical journalsMansfield, P.; Lexchin, J.; Vitry, A.; Doecke, C.; Svensson, S.
2007Drug money for patient groups - The illusion of invulnerability (letter)Mansfield, P.
2011Is different better? Models of teaching and their influence on the net financial outcome for general practice teaching postsLaurence, C.; Black, L.; Cheah, C.; Karnon, J.
2000Inequitable distribution of general practitioners in Australia: estimating need through the Robin Hood indexWilkinson, D.; Symon, B.