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2011Is different better? Models of teaching and their influence on the net financial outcome for general practice teaching postsLaurence, C.; Black, L.; Cheah, C.; Karnon, J.
2011Development of an accreditation program for Point of Care Testing (PoCT) in general practiceTirimacco, R.; Glastonbury, B.; Laurence, C.; Bubner, T.; Shephard, M.; Beilby, J.
2010Point-of-care testing for patients with diabetes, hyperlipidaemia or coagulation disorders in the general practice setting: a systematic reviewGialamas, A.; St John, A.; Laurence, C.; Bubner, T.; Beilby, J.; Gill, J.; Glastonbury, B.; Killeen, R.; McKittrick, P.; Shepheard, M.; Thomas, D.; Tideman, P.; Tirrimacco, R.; Worley, P.
2014Family medicine trainees' clinical experience of chronic disease during training: a cross-sectional analysis from the registrars' clinical encounters in training studyMagin, P.; Morgan, S.; Henderson, K.; Tapley, A.; McElduff, P.; Pearlman, J.; Goode, S.; Spike, N.; Laurence, C.; Scott, J.; Thomson, A.; van Driel, M.
2007A person-practice-program fit - Evaluation of a GP training placement processLaurence, C.; Black, L.
2002Towards more rural nursing and allied health services: current and potential rural activity in the Division of Health Sciences of the University of South AustraliaLaurence, C.; Wilkinson, D.
2010Patient satisfaction with point-of-care testing in general practiceLaurence, C.; Gialamas, A.; Bubner, T.; Yelland, L.; Willson, K.; Ryan, P.; Beilby, J.; Gill, J.; Glastonbury, B.; Killeen, R.; McKittrick, P.; Shephard, M.; St John, A.; Thomas, D.; Tideman, P.; Tirimacco, R.; Worley, P.
2007General practice placements for pre-registration junior doctors: adding value to intern education and trainingMartin, A.; Laurence, C.; Black, L.; Mugford, B.
2013The relationship between resilience and personality traits in doctors: implications for enhancing well beingEley, D.; Cloninger, C.; Walters, L.; Laurence, C.; Synnott, R.; Wilkinson, D.
2002Increasing rural activity and curriculum content in the Adelaide University Medical SchoolLaurence, C.; Newbury, J.; Wilkinson, D.