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2009Insulin sensitizing drugs for weight loss in women of reproductive age who are overweight or obese: systematic review and meta-analysisNieuwenhuis-Ruifrok, A.; Kuchenbecker, W.; Hoek, A.; Middleton, P.; Norman, R.
2011Stillbirths: the way forward in high-income countriesFlenady, V.; Middleton, P.; Smith, G.; Duke, W.; Erwich, J.; Khong, T.; Neilson, J.; Ezzati, M.; Koopmans, L.; Ellwood, D.; Fretts, R.; Froen, J.
2006Surgical simulation - A systematic reviewSutherland, L.; Middleton, P.; Anthony, A.; Hamdorf, J.; Cregan, P.; Scott, D.; Maddern, G.
2011Major risk factors for stillbirth in high-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysisFlenady, V.; Koopmans, L.; Middleton, P.; Froen, J.; Smith, G.; Gibbons, K.; Coory, M.; Gordon, A.; Ellwood, D.; McIntyre, H.; Fretts, R.; Ezzati, M.
2002Urinary stress incontinence - Benefits of using tension-free vaginal tape remain unprovedMaddern, G.; Middleton, P.; Grant, A.
2008Effect of timing of umbilical cord clamping of term infants on maternal and neonatal outcomesMcDonald, S.; Middleton, P.
2006Evaluating new surgical techniques in Australia: the Australian safety and efficacy register of new interventional procedures-surgical experienceMaddern, G.; Middleton, P.; Tooher, R.; Babidge, W.
2008CONSORT for Reporting Randomized Controlled Trials in Journal and Conference Abstracts: Explanation and ElaborationHopewell, S.; Clarke, M.; Moher, D.; Wager, E.; Middleton, P.; Altman, D.; Schulz, K.
2016Stillbirths: recall to action in high-income countriesFlenady, V.; Wojcieszek, A.; Middleton, P.; Ellwood, D.; Erwich, J.; Coory, M.; Khong, T.; Silver, R.; Smith, G.; Boyle, F.; Lawn, J.; Blencowe, H.; Leisher, S.; Gross, M.; Horey, D.; Farrales, L.; Bloomfield, F.; McCowan, L.; Brown, S.; Joseph, K.; et al.
2010Interventions for bullous pemphigoidKirtschig, G.; Middleton, P.; Bennett, C.; Murrell, D.; Wojnarowska, F.; Khumalo, N.