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2005Chronic maternal feed restriction impairs growth but increases adiposity of the fetal guinea pigKind, K.; Roberts, C.; Sohlstrom, A.; Katsman, A.; Clifton, P.; Robinson, J.; Owens, J.
2005Umbilical cord leptin predicts neonatal bone massJavaid, M.; Godfrey, K.; Taylor, P.; Robinson, S.; Crozier, S.; Dennison, E.; Robinson, J.; Breier, B.; Arden, N.; Cooper, C.
2001Fetal gowth and the fetal origins hypothesis in twins: problems and perspectivesPhillips, D.; Davies, M.; Robinson, J.
2001Maternal food restriction reduces the exchange surface area and increases the barrier thickness of the placenta in the guinea-pigRoberts, C.; Sohlstrom, A.; Kind, K.; Earl, R.; Khong, T.; Robinson, J.; Owens, P.; Owens, J.
2002Effect of maternal feed restriction on blood pressure in the adult guinea pigKind, K.; Simonetta, G.; Clifton, P.; Robinson, J.; Owens, J.
2010Placental programming of postnatal diabetes and impaired insulin action after IUGRGatford, K.; Simmons, R.; De Blasio, M.; Robinson, J.; Owens, J.
2004Differential actions of metyrapone on the fetal pituitary-adrenal axis in the sheep fetus in late gestationWarnes, K.; McMillen, I.; Robinson, J.; Coulter, C.
2003The effect of intrafetal infusion of metyrapone on arterial blood pressure and on the arterial blood pressure response to angiotensin II in the sheep fetus during late gestationWarnes, K.; Coulter, C.; Robinson, J.; McMillen, I.
2010Effect of treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus on obesity in the next generationGillman, M.; Oakey, H.; Baghurst, P.; Volkmer, R.; Robinson, J.; Crowther, C.
2010Antenatal interventions for overweight or obese pregnant women: a systematic review of randomised trialsDodd, J.; Grivell, R.; Crowther, C.; Robinson, J.