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2004Oxygen-regulated expression of GLUT-1, GLUT-3, and VEGF in the mouse blastocystKind, K.; Collett, R.; Harvey, A.; Thompson, J.
2012Utilization of endogenous fatty acid stores for energy production in bovine preimplantation embryosMcDowall, M.; Inglis, D.; Robker, R.; Thompson, J.; Dunning, K.
2002Effect of glutathione synthesis stimulation during in vitro maturation of ovine oocytes on embryo development and intracellular peroxide contentDe Matos, D.; Gasparrini, B.; Pasqualini, S.; Thompson, J.
2014A study relating the composition of follicular fluid and blood plasma from individual Holstein dairy cows to the in vitro developmental competence of pooled abattoir-derived oocytesMcDowall, M.; Yelland, R.; MacMillan, K.; Robker, R.; Thompson, J.
2004Oxygen-regulated gene expression in bovine blastocystsHarvey, A.; Kind, K.; Pantaleon, M.; Armstrong, D.; Thompson, J.
2008The effect of glucosamine concentration on the development and sex ratio of bovine embryosKimura, K.; Iwata, H.; Thompson, J.
2008Sperm DNA damage is associated with assisted reproductive technology pregnancyBakos, H.; Thompson, J.; Inglis, D.; Lane, M.
2006The impact of nutrition of the cumulus oocyte complex and embryo on subsequent development in ruminantsThompson, J.
2010Development of the NBT assay as a marker of sperm oxidative stressTunc, O.; Thompson, J.; Tremellen, K.
2002Development of in vitro embryo production systems for red deer (Cervus elaphus) - Part 2. The timing of in vitro nuclear ooctye maturationBerg, D.; Thompson, J.; Asher, G.