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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Pregnancy outcome after previous pregnancy complicated by hepatic ruptureWust, M.; Bolte, A.; de Vries, J.; Dekker, G.; Cuesta, M.; van Geijn, H.
2009Maternal and perinatal outcome in obese pregnant patientsSchrauwers, C.; Dekker, G.
2004Maternal admission characteristics as risk factors for preterm birthPapatsonis, D.; van Geijn, H.; Blecker, O.; Ader, H.; Dekker, G.
2004Controversies regarding cervical incompetence, short cervix, and the need for cerclageAlthuisius, S.; Dekker, G.
2004The parent-of-origin effect of 10q22 in pre-eclamptic females coincides with two regions clustered for genes with down-regulated expression in androgenetic placentasOudejans, C.; Mulders, J.; Lachmeijer, A.; van Dijk, M.; Konst, A.; Westerman, B.; van Wijk, I.; Leegwater, P.; Kato, H.; Matsuda, T.; Wake, N.; Dekker, G.; Pals, G.; ten Kate, L.; Blankenstein, M.
2001Polymorphisms in the tumor necrosis factor and lymphotoxin-a gene region and preeclampsiaLachmeijer, A.; Crusius, J.; Pals, G.; Dekker, G.; Arngrimsson, R.; ten Kate, L.
2001Mutations in the gene for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, homocysteine levels, and vitamin status in women with a history of preeclampsiaLachmeijer, A.; Arngrimsson, R.; Bastiaans, E.; Pals, G.; ten Kate, L.; de Vries, J.; Kostense, P.; Aarnoudse, J.; Dekker, G.
2001Medical conditions associated with hypertensive disorders of pregnancyDekker, G.; Morris, N.
2001Prevention of preeclampsiaDekker, G.
2002Gestational diabetes versus obesity as risk factors for pregnancy -induced hypertensive disorders and fetal macrosomiavan Hoorn, J.; Dekker, G.; Jeffries, W.