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2012Utilization of endogenous fatty acid stores for energy production in bovine preimplantation embryosMcDowall, M.; Inglis, D.; Robker, R.; Thompson, J.; Dunning, K.
2014A study relating the composition of follicular fluid and blood plasma from individual Holstein dairy cows to the in vitro developmental competence of pooled abattoir-derived oocytesMcDowall, M.; Yelland, R.; MacMillan, K.; Robker, R.; Thompson, J.
2004Cumulus expansion and glucose utilisation by bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes during in vitro maturation: the influence of glucosamine and follicle-stimulating hormoneMcDowall, M.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2003Effects of in-vivo and in-vitro environments on the metabolism of the cumulus-oocyte complex and its influence on oocyte developmental capacityMcDowall, M.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2010The pivotal role of glucose metabolism in determining oocyte developmental competenceMcDowall, M.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2012Metabolic differences in bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes matured in vitro in the presence or absence of follicle-stimulating hormone and bone morphogenetic protein 15McDowall, M.; Mottershead, D.; Gardner, D.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2003Influence of oocyte-secreted factors and culture duration on the metabolic activity of bovine cumulus cell complexesMcDowall, M.; Cetica, P.; Beconi, M.; Kind, K.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2013Bone morphogenetic protein 15 and fibroblast growth factor 10 enhance cumulus expansion, glucose uptake, and expression of genes in the ovulatory cascade during in vitro maturation of bovine cumulus-oocyte complexesCaixeta, E.; McDowall, M.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.; Price, C.; Machado, M.; Lima, P.; Buratini, J.
2013Heparin and cAMP modulators interact during pre-in vitro maturation to affect mouse and human oocyte meiosis and developmental competenceZeng, H.; Ren, Z.; Guzman, L.; Wang, X.; McDowall, M.; Ritter, L.; De Vos, M.; Smitz, J.; Thompson, J.; Gilchrist, R.
2005Effect of hexoses and gonadotrophin supplementation on bovine oocyte nuclear maturation during in vitro maturation in a synthetic follicle fluid mediumMcDowall, M.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.