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2014Infection and cellular defense dynamics in a novel 17 β-estradiol murine model of chronic human group B streptococcus genital tract colonization reveal a role for hemolysin in persistence and neutrophil accumulationCarey, A.; Tan, C.; Mirza, S.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Webb, R.; Lam, A.; Ulett, G.
2014Proteomic and other analyses to determine the functional consequences of deregulated kallikrein-related peptidase (KLK) expression in prostate and ovarian cancerFuhrman-Luck, R.; Silva, M.; Dong, Y.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Stoll, T.; Hastie, M.; Loessner, D.; Gorman, J.; Clements, J.
2014Metastasis of ovarian cancer is mediated by kallikrein related peptidasesDong, Y.; Loessner, D.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Obermair, A.; Nicklin, J.; Clements, J.
2014Pregnancy characteristics and women's future cardiovascular health: an underused opportunity to improve women's health?Rich-Edwards, J.; Fraser, A.; Lawlor, D.; Catov, J.
2014Mitochondrial SIRT3 and its target glutamate dehydrogenase are altered in follicular cells of women with reduced ovarian reserve or advanced maternal agePacella-Ince, L.; Zander, D.; Lane, M.
2014Early cerebral oxygen extraction and the risk of death or sonographic brain injury in very preterm infantsBalegar, K.; Stark, M.; Briggs, N.; Andersen, C.
2014The effect of sildenafil on evolving bronchopulmonary dysplasia in extremely preterm infants: a randomised controlled pilot studyKoenig, K.; Barfield, C.; Guy, K.; Drew, S.; Andersen, C.
2014A costly separation between withdrawing and withholding treatment in intensive careWilkinson, D.; Savulescu, J.
2014Amino acids and ammoniumZander-Fox, D.; Lane, M.
2014A cost-consequences analysis of a Midwifery Group Practice for Aboriginal mothers and infants in the Top End of the Northern Territory, AustraliaGao, Y.; Gold, L.; Josif, C.; Bar-Zeev, S.; Steenkamp, M.; Barclay, L.; Zhao, Y.; Tracy, S.; Kildea, S.