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2016A holistic approach to age estimation in refugee childrenSypek, S.; Benson, J.; Spanner, K.; Williams, J.
2016A core outcome set for evaluation of interventions to prevent preterm birthvan ʼt Hooft, J.; Duffy, J.; Daly, M.; Williamson, P.; Meher, S.; Thom, E.; Saade, G.; Alfirevic, Z.; Mol, B.; Khan, K.
2016Early restriction of placental growth results in placental structural and gene expression changes in late gestation independent of fetal hypoxemiaZhang, S.; Barker, P.; Botting, K.; Roberts, C.; McMillan, C.; McMillen, I.; Morrison, J.
2016Stillbirths: recall to action in high-income countriesFlenady, V.; Wojcieszek, A.; Middleton, P.; Ellwood, D.; Erwich, J.; Coory, M.; Khong, T.; Silver, R.; Smith, G.; Boyle, F.; Lawn, J.; Blencowe, H.; Leisher, S.; Gross, M.; Horey, D.; Farrales, L.; Bloomfield, F.; McCowan, L.; Brown, S.; Joseph, K.; et al.
2016Monitoring athletic training status through sutonomic heart rate regulation: a systematic review and meta-analysisBellenger, C.; Fuller, J.; Thomson, R.; Davison, K.; Robertson, E.; Buckley, J.
2016A protocol for developing, disseminating, and implementing a core outcome set for pre-eclampsiaDuffy, J.; van t Hooft, J.; Gale, C.; Brown, M.; Grobman, W.; Fitzpatrick, R.; Karumanchi, S.; Lucas, N.; Magee, L.; Mol, B.; Stark, M.; Thangaratinam, S.; Wilson, M.; von Dadelszen, P.; Williamson, P.; Khan, K.; Ziebland, S.; McManus, R.
2016Caesarean section rates and adverse neonatal outcomes after induction of labour versus expectant management in women with an unripe cervix: a secondary analysis of the HYPITAT and DIGITAT trialsBernardes, T.; Broekhuijsen, K.; Koopmans, C.; Boers, K.; van Wyk, L.; Tajik, P.; van Pampus, M.; Scherjon, S.; Mol, B.; Franssen, M.; van den Berg, P.; Groen, H.
2016Nifedipine versus atosiban for threatened preterm birth (APOSTEL III): a multicentre, randomised controlled trialVan Vliet, E.; Nijman, T.; Schuit, E.; Heida, K.; Opmeer, B.; Kok, M.; Gyselaers, W.; Porath, M.; Woiski, M.; Bax, C.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Scheepers, H.; Jacquemyn, Y.; Beek, E.; Duvekot, J.; Franssen, M.; Papatsonis, D.; Kok, J.; Van Der Post, J.; Franx, A.; et al.
2016Breastfeeding and obesity in PCOSHarrison, C.; Teede, H.; Joham, A.; Moran, L.
2016The management of anovulatory infertility in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: an analysis of the evidence to support the development of global WHO guidanceBalen, A.; Morley, L.; Misso, M.; Franks, S.; Legro, R.; Wijeyaratne, C.; Stener-Victorin, E.; Fauser, B.; Norman, R.; Teede, H.