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2017Mass spectrometry-based determination of Kallikrein-related peptidase 7 (KLK7) cleavage preferences and subsite dependencySilva, L.; Stoll, T.; Kryza, T.; Stephens, C.; Hastie, M.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Dong, Y.; Gorman, J.; Clements, J.
2017SCIPA switch-on: a randomized controlled trial investigating the efficacy and safety of functional electrical stimulation-assisted cycling and passive cycling initiated early after traumatic spinal cord injuryGalea, M.; Panisset, M.; El-Ansary, D.; Dunlop, S.; Marshall, R.; Clark, J.; Churilov, L.
2017Safety and efficacy of intravenous iron polymaltose, iron sucrose and ferric carboxymaltose in pregnancy: a systematic reviewQassim, A.; Mol, B.; Grivell, R.; Grzeskowiak, L.
2017Effectiveness of progesterone, cerclage and pessary for preventing preterm birth in singleton pregnancies: a systematic review and network meta-analysisJarde, A.; Lutsiv, O.; Park, C.; Beyene, J.; Dodd, J.; Barrett, J.; Shah, P.; Cook, J.; Saito, S.; Biringer, A.; Sabatino, L.; Giglia, L.; Han, Z.; Staub, K.; Mundle, W.; Chamberlain, J.; McDonald, S.
2017Safety and long-term efficacy of fractional CO2 laser treatment in women suffering from genitourinary syndrome of menopauseBehnia-Willison, F.; Sarraf, S.; Miller, J.; Mohamadi, B.; Care, A.; Lam, A.; Willison, N.; Behnia, L.; Salvatore, S.
2017An exercise-only intervention in obese fathers restores glucose and insulin regulation in conjunction with the rescue of pancreatic islet cell morphology and microRNA expression in male offspringMcPherson, N.; Lane, M.; Sandeman, L.; Owens, J.; Fullston, T.
2017Fertility and obstetric outcomes after curettage versus expectant management in randomised and non-randomised women with an incomplete evacuation of the uterus after misoprostol treatment for miscarriageLemmers, M.; Verschoor, M.; Overwater, K.; Bossuyt, P.; Hendriks, D.; Hemelaar, M.; Schutte, J.; Adriaanse, A.; Ankum, W.; Huirne, J.; Mol, B.
2017The association of the lipidomic profile with features of polycystic ovary syndromeMoran, L.; Mundra, P.; Teede, H.; Meikle, P.
2017Preventing obesity across the preconception, pregnancy and postpartum cycle: implementing research into practiceHarrison, C.; Skouteris, H.; Boyle, J.; Teede, H.
2017Are the proposed benefits of melatonin-rich foods too hard to swallow?Kennaway, D.