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2013Does the method of component fixation influence clinical outcomes after total knee replacement? A systematic literature reviewArnold, J.; Walters, J.; Solomon, L.; Thewlis, D.
2011Differentially loaded radiostereometric analysis (DLRSA) in torsion adds essential information in diaphyseal bone healing: the example of a tibial osteotomyChehade, M.; Vakaci, I.; Callary, S.; Findlay, D.; Solomon, L.
2013Collecting a comprehensive evidence base to monitor fracture rehabilitation: a case studyCallary, S.; Thewlis, D.; Rowlands, A.; Findlay, D.; Solomon, L.
2008Tibial insertion of the biceps femoris tendon: anatomical and radiological description of an anatomical variantSolomon, L.; Stevenson, A.
2003A dissection and computer tomograph study of tarsal coalitions in 100 cadaver feetSolomon, L.; Ruhli, F.; Taylor, J.; Ferris, L.; Pope, R.; Henneberg, M.
2001Surgical anatomy of the sural and superficial fibular nerves with an emphasis on the approach to the lateral malleolusSolomon, L.; Ferris, L.; Tedman, R.; Henneberg, M.
2009The Subcristal Pelvic External Fixator: Technique, Results, and RationaleSolomon, L.; Pohl, A.; Sukthankar, A.; Chehade, M.
2010Posterolateral transfibular approach to tibial plateau fractures: Technique, results, and rationaleSolomon, L.; Stevenson, A.; Baird, R.; Pohl, A.
2011Confirmation of microevolutionary increase in spina bifida occulta among Swiss birth cohortsLee, Y.; Solomon, L.; Ruhli, F.; Schiess, R.; Ohrstrom, L.; Sullivan, T.; Alkadhi, H.; Henneberg, M.
2009Differentially loaded radiostereometric analysis to monitor fracture stiffness: a feasibility studyChehade, M.; Solomon, L.; Callary, S.; Benveniste, S.; Pohl, A.; Howie, D.