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Type: Journal article
Title: Construction of a genetic linkage map using MFLP and identification of molecular markers linked to domestication genes in narrow-leafed lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.)
Author: Boersma, J.
Pallotta, M.
Li, C.
Buirchell, B.
Sivasithamparam, K.
Yang, H.
Citation: Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters: an international journal, 2005; 10(2):331-344
Publisher: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters
Issue Date: 2005
ISSN: 1425-8153
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Jeffrey G. Boersma, Margaret Pallotta, Chengdao Li, Bevan J. Buirchell, Krishnapillai Sivasithamparam and Huaan Yang
Abstract: A mapping population of F8 derived recombinant inbred lines (RILs) was established from a cross between a domesticated breeding line 83A:476 and a wild type P27255 in narrow-leaf lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.). The parents together with the 89 RILs were subjected to DNA fingerprinting using microsatellite-anchored fragment length polymorphism (MFLP) to rapidly generate DNA markers to construct a linkage map. Five hundred and twenty two unique markers of which 21% were co-dominant, were generated and mapped. Phenotypic data for the domestication traits: mollis (soft seeds), leucospermus (white flower and seed colour); Lentus (reduced pod-shattering), iucundis (low alkaloid), Ku (early flowering) and moustache pattern on seed coats; were included. Three to 7 molecular markers were identified within 5cM of each of these domestication genes. The anthracnose resistance gene Lanr1 was also mapped. Linkage groups were constructed using MapManager version QTXb20, resulting in 21linkage groups consisting of 7 or more markers. The total map length was 1543cM, with an average distance of 3.4cM between adjacent markers. This is the first published map for a lupin species. The map can be exploited for marker assisted selection for genetic improvement in lupin breeding programs.
Keywords: Lupinus angustifolius
Linkage Map
Molecular Marker
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