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Type: Journal article
Title: CBFA2T3-ZNF651, like CBFA2T3-ZNF652, functions as a transcriptional corepressor complex
Author: Kumar, R.
Cheney, K.
Neilsen, P.
Schulz, R.
Callen, D.
Citation: FEBS Letters, 2010; 584(5):859-864
Publisher: Elsevier Science BV
Issue Date: 2010
ISSN: 0014-5793
Statement of
Raman Kumar, Kelly M. Cheney, Paul M. Neilsen, Renèe B. Schulz and David F. Callen
Abstract: A significant proportion of the human genome codes for transcription factors. Balanced activity of transcriptional activators and repressors is essential for normal development and differentiation. Previously we reported that a classical C2H2 zinc finger DNA binding protein ZNF652 functionally interacts with CBFA2T3 to repress transcription of genes containing ZNF652 consensus DNA binding sequence within the promoters of these target genes. Here we show that ZNF651 is a ZNF652 paralogue that shares a common DNA binding sequence with ZNF652 and represses target gene expression through the formation of a CBFA2T3–ZNF651 corepressor complex. It is suggested that CBFA2T3–ZNF651 and CBFA2T3–ZNF652 repressor complexes perform functionally similar roles in a tissue-specific manner.
Keywords: Repressor; ZNF651; ZNF652; CBFA2T3
Rights: © 2010 Federation of European Biochemical Societies. Published by Elsevier BV. All rights reserved.
RMID: 0020100237
DOI: 10.1016/j.febslet.2010.01.047
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