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2007Strategies for the repair of stress-corrosion cracked gas transmission pipelines: assessment of the potential for fatigue failure of dormant stress-corrosion cracks due to cyclic pressure serviceLinton, V.; Gamboa, E.; Law, M.
2013Allocating water and maintaining springs in the Great Artesian Basin. Volume IV. Spatial survey and remote sensing of artesian springs of the western Great Artesian BasinLewis, M.; White, D.; Gotch, T.
1996Recovering unknown focal lengths in self-calibration: an essentially linear algorithm and degenerate configurationsNewsam, G.; Huynh, D.; Brooks, M.; Pan, H.P.
2002Analysis of a rock bolt failed in serviceGamboa, E.; Atrens, A.; International Corrosion Congress (15th : 2002 : Granada, Spain)
2009Remote Sensing - Validation, spatial and temporal patterns in sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-aBierman, P.; Lewis, M.; Tanner, J.; Ostendorf, B.
2000Modeling long-term persistence in hydroclimatic time series using a hidden state Markov modelThyer, M.; Kuczera, G.
1999Probabilistic optimization for conceptual rainfall-runoff models: a comparison of the shuffled complex evolution and simulated annealing algorithmsThyer, M.; Kuczera, G.; Bates, B.
1994Species composition related to spectral classification in an Australian spinifex hummock grasslandLewis, M.
2013Static recrystallisation study of as-cast austenitic stainless steelMandal, G.; Stanford, N.; Hodgson, P.; Beynon, J.
2013Characterizing water sorption in 100% solids epoxy coatingsConiglio, N.; Nguyen, K.; Kurji, R.; Gamboa, E.