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2004Mucinous cystadenoma of the appendixIswariah, H.; Metcalfe, M.; Lituri, D.; Maddern, G.
2003Successful management of iatrogenic bile duct injury by laparoscopic ligationMorrison, C.; Wemyss-Holden, S.; Maddern, G.
2004Image of interest. Hepatobiliary and pancreatic: hepatic artery aneurysmIswariah, H.; Gallagher, P.; Beneveniste, G.; Lord, A.; Roberts-Thomson, I.; Maddern, G.
2001Arthroscopic subacromial decompression with a holmium : YAG laser: review of the literatureBoult, M.; Wicks, M.; Watson, D.; MacDougal, G.; Shimmin, A.; Maddern, G.
2001A randomized controlled trial to determine the effect of humidified carbon dioxide (CO2) insufflation on postoperative pain following thoracoscopic proceduresMouton, W.; Naef, M.; Bessell, J.; Otten, K.; Wagner, H.; Maddern, G.
2001Lung volume reduction surgery in emphysema: A systematic reviewStirling, G.; Babidge, W.; Peacock, M.; Smith, J.; Matar, K.; Snell, G.; Colville, D.; Maddern, G.
2001Management of thoracic duct injuries after oesophagectomyWemyss-Holden, S.; Launois, B.; Maddern, G.
2001A systematic review of tension-free urethropexy for stress urinary incontinence: intravaginal slingplasty and the tension-free vaginal tape proceduresMerlin, T.; Arnold, E.; Petros, P.; MacTaggart, P.; Tulloch, A.; Faulkner, K.; Maddern, G.
2011Posthepatectomy liver failure: A definition and grading by the International Study Group of Liver Surgery (ISGLS)Rahbari, N.; Garden, J.; Padbury, R.; Brooke-Smith, M.; Crawford, M.; Adam, R.; Koch, M.; Makuuchi, M.; DeMatteo, R.; Christophi, C.; Banting, S.; Usatoff, V.; Nagino, M.; Maddern, G.; Hugh, T.; Vauthey, J.; Greig, P.; Rees, M.; Yokoyama, Y.; Sheung, T.; et al.
2009Systematic Review of Treatments for Varicose VeinsLeopardi, D.; Hoggan, B.; Fitridge, R.; Woodruff, P.; Maddern, G.