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1997An unusual cause of cyanosis (isosorbide dinitrate induced methaemoglobinaemia)Sanders, P.; Faunt, J.
2001Effect of anticoagulation on the occurrence of deep venous thrombosis associated with temporary transvenous femoral pacemakersSanders, P.; Farouque, O.; Ashby, D.; Mahar, L.; Young, G.
2008Image integration using NavX fusion: Initial experience and validationBrooks, A.; Wilson, L.; Kuklik, P.; Stiles, M.; John, B.; Shashidhar; Dimitri, H.; Lau, D.; Roberts-Thomson, R.; Wong, C.; Young, G.; Sanders, P.
2010Atrial platelet reactivity in patients with atrial fibrillationWilloughby, S.; Roberts-Thomson, R.; Lim, H.; Schultz, C.; Prabhu, A.; De Sciscio, P.; Wong, C.; Worthley, M.; Sanders, P.
2010Cardiac-resynchronization therapy for mild-to-moderate heart failureTang, A.; Sanders, P.
2010Characterization of cardiac remodeling in a large animal "one-kidney, one-clip" hypertensive modelLau, D.; Mackenzie, L.; Rajendram, A.; Psaltis, P.; Kelly, D.; Spyropoulos, P.; Zhang, Y.; Olakkengil, S.; Russell, C.; Brooks, A.; Faull, R.; Saint, D.; Kelly, D.; Rao, M.; Worthley, S.; Sanders, P.
2018In search of atrial fibrillation driver sites: is temporally stable frequency mapping a new armamentarium?Sanders, P.; Mishima, R.; Linz, D.; Lau, D.
2008High-density mapping of atrial fibrillation in humans: Relationship between high-frequency activation and electrogram fractionationStiles, M.; Brooks, A.; Kuklik, P.; John, B.; Dimitri, H.; Lau, D.; Wilson, L.; Dhar, S.; Roberts-Thomson, R.; Mackenzie, L.; Young, G.; Sanders, P.
2008The effect of electrogram duration on quantification of complex fractionated atrial electrograms and dominant frequencyStiles, M.; Brooks, A.; John, B.; Shashidar, M.; Wilson, L.; Kuklik, P.; Dimitri, H.; Lau, D.; Roberts-Thomson, R.; Mackenzie, L.; Willoughby, S.; Young, G.; Sanders, P.
2019Is the stomach a way to one's heart? Gastric autonomic activity and AF susceptibility in gastro-esophageal reflux diseaseMalik, V.; Lau, D.H.; Linz, D.; Middeldorp, M.E.; Sanders, P.