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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Injection of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the rostral ventrolateral medulla increases arterial blood pressure in anaesthetized ratsWang, H.; Zhou, X.
2007Investigation on the morphology of precipitated chemicals from TE buffer on solid substrates.Wang, H.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, F.; An, H.; Chen, S.; Li, H.; Wang, P.; Wang, X.; Wang, Y.; Yang, H.
2005Decomposition and phase transition of NiS/Ni1-xS in the temperature range 323-973 KWang, H.
2006Axonal transport of BDNF precursor in primary sensory neuronsWang, H.; Linyan Wu, L.; Song, X.; Luo, X.; Zhong, J.; Rush, R.; Zhou, X.
2008Anatomical Reconstruction from Endoscopic Images: Toward Quantitative EndoscopyWang, H.; Mirota, D.; Hager, G.; Ishii, M.
2006Smooth foreground-background segmentation for video processingSchindler, K.; Wang, H.; Asian Conference on Computer Vision (7th : 2006 : Hyderabad, India)
2005Thermal expansion of troilite and pyrrhotite determined by in situ cooling (873 to 373 K) neutron powder diffraction measurementsTenailleau, C.; Etschmann, B.; Wang, H.; Pring, A.; Grguric, B.; Studer, A.
2009Rank aggregation based text feature selectionWu, O.; Zuo, H.; Zhu, M.; Hu, W.; Gao, J.; Wang, H.; IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (2009 : Italy)
2006Sentinel-node biopsy or nodal observation in melanomaMorton, D.; Thompson, J.; Cochran, A.; Mozzillo, N.; Elashoff, R.; Essner, R.; Nieweg, O.; Roses, D.; Hoekstra, H.; Karakousis, C.; Reintgen, D.; Coventry, B.; Glass, E.; Wang, H.
2005Parents' satisfaction with preventive dental care for young children provided by nondental primary care providersRozier, R.; Slade, G.; Zeldin, L.; Wang, H.