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2018Understanding the effects of nanocapsular mechanical property on passive and active tumor targetingHui, Y.; Wibowo, D.; Liu, Y.; Ran, R.; Wang, H.; Seth, A.; Middelberg, A.; Zhao, C.
2014Grass-like Co₃O₄ nanowire arrays anode with high rate capability and excellent cycling stability for lithium-ion batteriesZhan, L.; Wang, S.; Ding, L.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2014Embedding nano-silicon in graphene nanosheets by plasma assisted milling for high capacity anode materials in lithium ion batteriesSun, W.; Hu, R.; Liu, H.; Zeng, M.; Yang, L.; Wang, H.; Zhu, M.
2017Hierarchical NiCo₂O₄ nanosheets on carbon nanofiber films for high energy density and long-life Li-O₂ batteriesLiu, G.; Zhang, L.; Wang, S.; Ding, L.-.X.; Wang, H.
2014Visual tracking via weakly supervised learning from multiple imperfect oraclesZhong, B.; Yao, H.; Chen, S.; Ji, R.; Chin, T.; Wang, H.
2011A novel Fe₃O₂-SnO₂-graphene ternary nanocomposite as an anode material for lithium-ion batteriesLian, P.; Liang, S.; Zhu, X.; Yang, W.; Wang, H.
2016The phase stability of the Ruddlesden-Popper type oxide (Pr₀.₉La₀.₁)₂.₀Ni₀.₇₄Cu₀.₂₁Ga₀.₀₅O₄+δ in an oxidizing environmentXue, J.; Schulz, A.; Wang, H.; Feldhoff, A.
2014Preparation and adsorption performance of GrO@Cu-BTC for separation of CO₂/CH₄Huang, W.; Zhou, X.; Xia, Q.; Peng, J.; Wang, H.; Li, Z.
2014Semi-metallic polymersBubnova, O.; Khan, Z.; Wang, H.; Braun, S.; Evans, D.; Fabretto, M.; Hojati-Talemi, P.; Dagnelund, D.; Arlin, J.; Geerts, Y.; Desbief, S.; Breiby, D.; Andreasen, J.; Lazzaroni, R.; Chen, W.; Zozoulenko, I.; Fahlman, M.; Murphy, P.; Berggren, M.; Crispin, X.
2014A CO₂-stable reduction-tolerant Nd-containing dual phase membrane for oxyfuel CO₂ captureLuo, H.; Klande, T.; Cao, Z.; Liang, F.; Wang, H.; Caro, J.