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2013CO₂-tolerant alkaline-earth metal-free single phase membrane for oxygen separationZheng, Q.; Xue, J.; Liao, Q.; Wei, Y.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2016Catalytic adsorptive desulfurization of model diesel fuel using TiO₂/SBA-15 under mild conditionsRen, X.; Miao, G.; Xiao, Z.; Ye, F.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.; Xiao, J.
2015Honeycomb-like NiMoO₄ ultrathin nanosheet arrays for high-performance electrochemical energy storageXiao, K.; Xia, L.; Liu, G.; Wang, S.; Ding, L.; Wang, H.
2017Experimental study of large-sized concrete filled steel tube columns under blast loadWang, H.; Wu, C.; Zhang, F.; Fang, Q.; Xiang, H.; Li, P.; Li, Z.; Zhou, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Li, J.
2016A thin inorganic composite separator for lithium-ion batteriesZhang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Xiang, H.; Shi, P.; Wang, H.
2014SnO₂ decorated graphene nanocomposite anode materials prepared via an up-scalable wet-mechanochemical process for sodium ion batteriesLi, S.; Wang, Y.; Qiu, J.; Ling, M.; Wang, H.; Martens, W.; Zhang, S.
2013Enhancement of CO₂ adsorption and CO₂/N₂ selectivity on ZIF-8 via postsynthetic modificationZhang, Z.; Xian, S.; Xia, Q.; Wang, H.; Li, Z.; Li, J.
2012High yield expression and efficient purification of deuterated human protein galectin-2Chen, X.; Wilde, K.; Wang, H.; Lake, V.; Holden, P.; Middelberg, A.; He, L.; Duff, A.
2005Studies on the nano-structures of wheat starch granules using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.Liu, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Wang, H.; Cao, S.; An, H.; Guo, Y.; Liu, Y.; Lu, K.; Hu, J.
2008Robust motion estimation and structure recovery from endoscopic image sequences with an adaptive Scale Kernel Consensus estimatorWang, H.; Mirota, D.; Ishii, M.; Hager, G.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (21st : 2008 : Anchorage, AK)