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2016Age-dependent response of digestive enzyme activities to dietary protein level and water temperature in greenlip abalone (Haliotis laevigata)Bansemer, M.; Qin, J.; Harris, J.; Schaefer, E.; Wang, H.; Mercer, G.; Howarth, G.; Stone, D.
2010Coliphage 186 genetic switch: a single molecule studyWang, H.; Dodd, I.B.; Shearwin, K.; Dunlap, D.; Finzi, L.; Biophysical Society 54th Annual Meeting (20 Feb 2010 - 24 Feb 2010 : San Francisco)
2017Efficient guided hypothesis generation for multi-structure epipolar geometry estimationLai, T.; Wang, H.; Yan, Y.; Xiao, G.; Suter, D.
2013Inhibition of spontaneous combustion of sulfide ores by thermopile sulfide oxidationWang, H.; Xu, C.; Wu, A.; Ai, C.; Li, X.; Miao, X.
2013Reaction mechanisms of the TiC/Fe composite fabricated by exothermic dispersion from Fe-Ti-C element systemZhu, H.; Dongho, K.; Wang, H.; Huang, J.; Li, J.; Xie, Z.
2016Engineering surface atomic structure of single-crystal cobalt (II) oxide nanorods for superior electrocatalysisLing, T.; Yan, D.; Jiao, Y.; Wang, H.; Zheng, Y.; Zheng, X.; Mao, J.; Du, X.; Hu, Z.; Jaroniec, M.; Qiao, S.
2016TiN-coated micron-sized tantalum-doped Li₄Ti₅O₁₂ with enhanced anodic performance for lithium-ion batteriesGuo, M.; Chen, H.; Wang, S.; Dai, S.; Ding, L.; Wang, H.
2005Thermal expansion of troilite and pyrrhotite determined by in situ cooling (873 to 373 K) neutron powder diffraction measurementsTenailleau, C.; Etschmann, B.; Wang, H.; Pring, A.; Grguric, B.; Studer, A.
2018Design rules of heteroatom-doped graphene to achieve high performance lithium–sulfur batteries: both strong anchoring and catalysing based on first principles calculationZhang, L.; Liang, P.; Shu, H.B.; Man, X.L.; Du, X.Q.; Chao, D.L.; Liu, Z.G.; Sun, Y.P.; Wan, H.Z.; Wang, H.
2017Vacuolation activity and intracellular trafficking of ArtB, the binding subunit of an AB5 toxin produced by Salmonella enterica Serovar TyphiHerdman, B.P.; Paton, J.C.; Wang, H.; Beddoe, T.; Paton, A.W.