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2014Novel bifunctional tantalum and bismuth co-doped perovskite BaBi₀.₀₅Co₀.₈Ta₀.₁₅O₃-δ with high oxygen permeationLiao, Q.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Wei, Y.; Wang, H.
2005Decomposition and phase transition of NiS/Ni1-xS in the temperature range 323-973 KWang, H.
2006Axonal transport of BDNF precursor in primary sensory neuronsWang, H.; Linyan Wu, L.; Song, X.; Luo, X.; Zhong, J.; Rush, R.; Zhou, X.
2016Noncommutative geometry and conformal geometry, II. Connes-Chern character and the local equivariant index theoremPonge, R.; Wang, H.
2016Monoid and group of pseudo braidsBardakov, V.; Jablan, S.; Wang, H.
2017Bone marrow myeloid cells regulate myeloid-biased hematopoietic stem cells via a histamine-dependent feedback loopChen, X.; Deng, H.; Churchill, M.; Luchsinger, L.; Du, X.; Chu, T.; Friedman, R.; Middelhoff, M.; Ding, H.; Tailor, Y.; Wang, A.; Liu, H.; Niu, Z.; Wang, H.; Jiang, Z.; Renders, S.; Ho, S.; Shah, S.; Tishchenko, P.; Chang, W.; et al.
2016Thermoresponsive acidic microgels as functional draw agents for forward osmosis desalinationHartanto, Y.; Zargar, M.; Wang, H.; Jin, B.; Dai, S.
2016Graphene-based nitrogen-doped carbon sandwich nanosheets: a new capacitive process controlled anode material for high-performance sodium-ion batteriesLi, D.; Zhang, L.; Chen, H.; Wang, J.; Ding, L.; Wang, S.; Ashman, P.; Wang, H.
2010Robust object tracking using a spatial pyramid heat kernel structural information representationLi, X.; Hu, W.; Wang, H.; Zhang, Z.
2016Free-standing nitrogen-doped carbon nanofiber films: integrated electrodes for sodium-ion batteries with ultralong cycle life and superior rate capabilityWang, S.; Xia, L.; Yu, L.; Zhang, L.; Wang, H.; Lou, X.