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2002Structure of turbulent non-premixed jet flames in a diluted hot coflowDally, B.; Karpetis, A.; Barlow, R.
2002Geomechanical fault characterization: impact on quantitative fault seal riskingJones, R.; Dewhurst, D.; Hillis, R.; Mildren, S.; SPE/ISRM Rock Mechanics Conference (2002 : Irving, Texas)
2002Estimating fluid pressures that can induce reservoir failure during hydrocarbon depletionStreit, J.; Hillis, R.; SPE/ISRM Rock Mechanics Conference (2002 : Irving, Texas)
2002Titanium and zirconium mineralsFitzpatrick, R.; Chittleborough, D.
2002Relative living standards in new market economies: Evidence from Central Asian household surveysAnderson, K.; Pomfret, R.
2002Uptake of health assessments, care plans and case conferences by general practitioners through the Enhanced Primary Care program between November 1999 and October 2001Wilkinson, D.; McElroy, H.; Beilby, J.; Mott, K.; Price, K.; Morey, S.; Best, J.
2002The effectiveness of coordinated care for people with chronic respiratory diseaseSmith, B.; McElroy, H.; Ruffin, R.; Frith, P.; Heard, A.; Battersby, M.; Esterman, A.; Del Fante, P.; McDonald, P.
2002Surgical treatment of nocardial brain abscessesLee, G.; Daniel, R.; Brophy, B.; Reilly, P.
2002Locating IT within a hierarchical model of speed of processing abilitiesGregory, T.; Burns, N.; Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference (29th : 2002 : Adelaide, S.Aust.)
2002Speeding in metropolitan Adelaide: A situation analysisWundersitz, L.; Kloeden, C.; Baldock, M.; McLean, A.; Road Safety, Research, Policing and Education Conference (2002 : Adelaide, South Australia)