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2012Measurement of inclusive two-particle angular correlations in pp collisions with the ATLAS detector at the LHCAad, G.; ATLAS collaboration
2012Measurement of the isolated diphoton cross section in pp collisions at √s = 7  TeV with the ATLAS detectorAad, G.; ATLAS Collaboration
2012A genome-wide association meta-analysis identifies new childhood obesity lociBradfield, J.; Taal, H.; Timpson, N.; Scherag, A.; Lecoeur, C.; Warrington, N.; Hypponen, E.; Holst, C.; Valcarcel, B.; Thiering, E.; Salem, R.; Schumacher, F.; Cousminer, D.; Sleiman, P.; Jianhua, Z.; Berkowitz, R.; Vimaleswaran, K.; Ivonne, J.; Pennell, C.; Evans, D.; et al.
2012Modelling the floating ladder track response to a moving load by an infinite Bernoulli-Euler beam on periodic flexible supportsHosking, R.; Milinazzo, F.
2012Nonlinear vibrations and stability of parametrically exited systems with cubic nonlinearities and internal boundary conditions: a general solution procedureGhayesh, M.; Kazemirad, S.; Reid, T.
2012The effects of biocompatible compared with standard peritoneal dialysis solutions on peritonitis microbiology, treatment, and outcomes: the balANZ trialJohnson, D.; Brown, F.; Clarke, M.; Boudville, N.; Elias, T.; Foo, M.; Jones, B.; Kulkarni, H.; Langham, R.; Ranganathan, D.; Schollum, J.; Suranyi, M.; Tan, S.; Voss, D.
2012Accuracy in documentation of peripheral venous catheters in paediatric care: an intervention study in electronic patient recordsFörberg, U.; Johansson, E.; Ygge, B.; Wallin, L.; Ehrenberg, A.
2012Blood pressure change in normotensive, gestational hypertensive, preeclamptic, and essential hypertensive pregnanciesMacDonald-Wallis, C.; Lawlor, D.; Fraser, A.; May, M.; Nelson, S.; Tilling, K.
2012Patterning techniques for metal organic frameworksFalcaro, P.; Buso, D.; Hill, A.; Doherty, C.
2012A study of the material in the ATLAS inner detector using secondary hadronic interactionsThe ATLAS Collaboration; Aad, G.