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2014Search for invisible decays of a Higgs boson produced in association with a Z boson in ATLASAad, G.; The ATLAS Collaboration
2014Exfoliated graphene into highly ordered mesoporous titania films: highly performing nanocomposites from integrated processingMalfatti, L.; Falcaro, P.; Pinna, A.; Lasio, B.; Casula, M.; Loche, D.; Falqui, A.; Marmiroli, B.; Amenitsch, H.; Sanna, R.; Mariani, A.; Innocenzi, P.
2014Effect of N-acetylcysteine on cycling performance after intensified trainingSlattery, K.; Dascombe, B.; Wallace, L.; Bentley, D.; Coutts, A.
2014Grip strength across the life course: normative data from twelve British studiesDodds, R.; Syddall, H.; Cooper, R.; Benzeval, M.; Deary, I.; Dennison, E.; Der, G.; Gale, C.; Inskip, H.; Jagger, C.; Kirkwood, T.; Lawlor, D.; Robinson, S.; Starr, J.; Steptoe, A.; Tilling, K.; Kuh, D.; Cooper, C.; Sayer, A.
2014Progressive mode-seeking on graphs for sparse feature matchingWang, C.; Wang, L.; Liu, L.; 13th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2014) (06 Sep 2014 - 12 Sep 2014 : Zurich, Switzerland)
2014Report on the molecular investigations into the jet fuel and solvent exposure in the DeSeal/ReSeal programmeBowling, F.; Waterhouse, N.; Thomas, M.; McDermott, B.; Venter, D.; McWhinney, A.; Jansen, E.; Crowley, L.; Christensen, M.; Scott, A.; Price, G.; Gallagher, R.; Wallis, T.; Bowlay, M.; Marfell, B.; Warner, R.; Department of Defence
2014Caring for families experiencing stillbirth. Part 1 of 3: diagnosis to birthJoanna Briggs Institute; Stillbirth Foundation
2014Optical amplification and pulse interleaving for low-noise photonic microwave generationQuinlan, F.; Baynes, F.; Fortier, T.; Zhou, Q.; Cross, A.; Campbell, J.; Diddams, S.
2014Adsorptive denitrogenation of fuel over metal organic frameworks: effect of N-types and adsorption mechanismsWu, Y.; Xiao, J.; Wu, L.; Chen, M.; Xi, H.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2014Abiotic stress tolerance and crop yield: a physiologist’s perspectiveShabala, S.; Bose, J.; Shabala, L.; Zeng, F.; Wu, H.; Zhu, M.; Adem, G.; Panta, S.; Percey, W.; Zhou, M.; ComBio2014 Conference (28 Sep 2014 - 02 Oct 2014 : Canberra, ACT)