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2015'Time for school'? School fees, savings clubs and social reciprocity in UgandaVokes, R.; Mills, D.
2015CareTrack Kids - part 1. Assessing the appropriateness of healthcare delivered to Australian children: study protocol for clinical indicator developmentWiles, L.; Hooper, T.; Hibbert, P.; White, L.; Mealing, N.; Jaffe, A.; Cowell, C.; Harris, M.; Runciman, W.; Goldstein, S.; Hallahan, A.; Wakefield, J.; Murphy, E.; Lau, A.; Wheaton, G.; Williams, H.; Hughes, C.; Braithwaite, J.
2015PM₁₀ dispersion in Adelaide and Its relationship with rainfallKamruzzaman, M.; Aryal, R.; Beecham, S.; Mulcahy, D.; Metcalfe, A.; Slattery, S.; Lee, S.
2015Factors affecting the measurement of soil pH buffer capacity: approaches to optimize the methodsWang, X.; Tang, C.; Mahony, S.; Baldock, J.; Butterly, C.
2015Concrete shear-friction material properties: application to shear capacity of RC beams of all sizesChen, Y.; Zhang, T.; Visintin, P.; Oehlers, D.
2015A novel water-injectivity model and experimental validation with CT-scanned corefloodsYerramilli, R.; Zitha, P.; Yerramilli, S.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2015Endemic melioidosis in residents of desert region after atypically intense rainfall in central Australia, 2011Yip, T.; Hewagama, S.; Mayo, M.; Price, E.; Sarovich, D.; Bastian, I.; Baird, R.; Spratt, B.; Currie, B.
2015Biomimetic replication of microscopic metal-organic framework patterns using printed protein patternsLiang, K.; Carbonell, C.; Styles, M.; Ricco, R.; Cui, J.; Richardson, J.; Maspoch, D.; Caruso, F.; Falcaro, P.
2015Backward stochastic difference equations for dynamic convex risk measures on a binomial treeElliott, R.; Siu, T.; Cohen, S.
2015An examination of the cardiac actions of PD117,302, a κ-opioid receptor agonistPugsley, M.; Saint, D.; Hayes, E.; Abraham, S.; Walker, M.