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2017Low-profile terahertz radar based on broadband leaky-wave beam steeringMurano, K.; Watanabe, I.; Kasamatsu, A.; Suzuki, S.; Asada, M.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Tanaka, T.; Monnai, Y.
2016N-acetylcysteine (NAC) in schizophrenia resistant to clozapine: a double blind randomised placebo controlled trial targeting negative symptomsRossell, S.; Francis, P.; Galletly, C.; Harris, A.; Siskind, D.; Berk, M.; Bozaoglu, K.; Dark, F.; Dean, O.; Liu, D.; Meyer, D.; Neill, E.; Phillipou, A.; Sarris, J.; Castle, D.
2017Using blood cytokine measures to define high inflammatory biotype of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorderBoerrigter, D.; Weickert, T.; Lenroot, R.; O'Donnell, M.; Galletly, C.; Liu, D.; Burgess, M.; Cadiz, R.; Jacomb, I.; Catts, V.; Fillman, S.; Weickert, C.
2017Factors associated with attrition in a 10-year longitudinal study of young people: implications for studies of employment in school leaversDelfabbro, P.; Winefield, H.; Winefield, A.; Malvaso, C.; Plueckhahn, T.
2015Staphylococcus aureus impairs the airway epithelial barrier in vitroMalik, Z.; Roscioli, E.; Murphy, J.; Ou, J.; Bassiouni, A.; Wormald, P.; Vreugde, S.
2010Evolution in caves: Darwin's 'wrecks of ancient life' in the molecular eraJuan, C.; Guzik, M.; Jaume, D.; Cooper, S.
2015Anatomical landmarks of the lateral nasal wall: implications for endonasal lacrimal surgeryShams, P.; Wormald, P.; Selva, D.
2017Electron spin resonance dating of optically bleached quartz grains from the Middle Palaeolithic site of Cuesta de la Bajada (Spain) using the multiple centres approachDuval, M.; Arnold, L.J.; Guilarte, V.; Demuro, M.; Santonja, M.; Pérez-González, A.
2013Takotsubo cardiomyopathy mid ventricle variant and cardiac arrest: chicken or the egg?Singh, K.; Parsaik, A.; Zeitz, C.
2017Tertiary lymphoid organs in recalcitrant chronic rhinosinusitisLau, A.; Lester, S.; Moraitis, S.; Ou, J.; Psaltis, A.; McColl, S.; Rischmueller, M.; Wormald, P.; Vreugde, S.