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2015A DNA real-time quantitative PCR method suitable for routine monitoring of low levels of minimal residual disease in chronic myeloid leukemiaBartley, P.; Latham, S.; Budgen, B.; Ross, D.; Hughes, E.; Branford, S.; White, D.; Hughes, T.; Morley, A.
2017Experiences of fly-in, fly-out and drive-in, drive-out rural and remote psychologistsSutherland, C.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Winefield, H.
2018Roles for endothelial zinc homeostasis in vascular physiology and coronary artery diseaseZalewski, P.; Beltrame, J.; Wawer, A.; Abdo, A.; Murgia, C.
2010Biochemical profiling to predict disease severity in metachromatic leukodystrophyTan, M.; Fuller, M.; Zabidi-Hussin, Z.; Hopwood, J.; Meikle, P.
2013Effects of elevated temperature in grapevine. II juice pH, titratable acidity and wine sensory attributesSadras, V.; Petrie, P.; Moran, M.
2014Pharmacological actions of thymol and an analogue at GABAв autoreceptorsParker, D.; Marino, V.; Ong, J.
2019Bats as reservoirs of antibiotic resistance determinants: a survey of class 1 integrons in grey-headed flying foxes (Pteropus poliocephalus)McDougall, F.; Boardman, W.; Gillings, M.; Power, M.
2013Ordered mesoporous core/shell Sno₂/C Nanocomposite As High-Capacity Anode Material For Lithium-Ion BatteriesLiu, H.; Chen, S.; Wang, G.; Qiao, S.
2010The response of freshwater plants to salinity pulsesGoodman, A.; Ganf, G.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.; Gibbs, M.
2010Managing innovation networks: Exploratory evidence from ICT, biotechnology and nanotechnology networksRampersad, G.; Quester, P.; Troshani, I.