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2015SOCS4 is dispensable for an efficient recall response to influenza despite being required for primary immunityKedzierski, L.; Clemens, E.; Bird, N.; Kile, B.; Belz, G.; Nicola, N.; Kedzierska, K.; Nicholson, S.
2012Relaxin mediates uterine artery compliance during pregnancy and increases uterine blood flowVodstrcil, L.; Tare, M.; Novak, J.; Dragomir, N.; Ramirez, R.; Wlodek, M.; Conrad, K.; Parry, L.
2015Tubular TiC fibre nanostructures as supercapacitor electrode materials with stable cycling life and wide-temperature performanceXia, X.; Zhang, Y.; Chao, D.; Xiong, Q.; Fan, Z.; Tong, X.; Tu, J.; Zhang, H.; Fan, H.
2015Novel metal@carbon spheres core-shell arrays by controlled self-assembly of carbon nanospheres: a stable and flexible supercapacitor electrodeXia, X.; Zhang, Y.; Fan, Z.; Chao, D.; Xiong, Q.; Tu, J.; Zhang, H.; Fan, H.
2017Near-zero dispersion flattened, low-loss porous-core waveguide design for terahertz signal transmissionSultana, J.; Islam, M.S.; Atai, J.; Islam, M.R.; Abbott, D.
2015Enhanced lithium storage performance of CuO nanowires by coating of graphene quantum dotsZhu, C.; Chao, D.; Sun, J.; Bacho, I.; Fan, Z.; Ng, C.; Xia, X.; Huang, H.; Zhang, H.; Shen, Z.; Ding, G.; Fan, H.
2019A Cultural History of the Emotions in the Baroque and Enlightenment Age (1600-1780)Broomhall, S.; Davidson, J.; Lynch, A.; Lemmings, D.; Walker, C.; Barclay, K.
2019Sympathetic speech: Telling truths in the nineteenth-century Irish courtBarclay, K.
2019Emotional lineages: blood, property, family and affection in early modern ScotlandBarclay, K.
2019Popular divorceBarclay, K.