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2010Dynamic study of the medial and lateral recti capsulopalpebral fasciae using cine mode magnetic resonance imagingKakizaki, H.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Leibovitch, I.
2004The Australian Mohs database - periocular squamos intraepidermal carcinomaMalhotra, R.; James, C.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Huynh, N.; Huilgol, S.
2003Fungal granuloma following ruthenium plaque radiotherapy of a choroidal melanomaOkera, S.; Dodd, T.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Muecke, J.
2004Endoscopic sinus surgery for paranasal sinus mucocoele with orbital involvementKhong, J.; Malhotra, R.; Wormald, P.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2004Aberrant facial nerve regeneration (AFR): an under-recognized cause of ptosisChen, C.; Malhotra, R.; Muecke, J.; Davis, G.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2004Early division of a modified Cutler-Beard flap with a free tarsal graftHsuan, J.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2003Craniopharyngioma: a review of long-term visual outcomeChen, C.; Okera, S.; Davies, P.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Crompton, J.
2005Orbital invasion by periocular basal cell carcinomaLeibovitch, I.; McNab, A.; Sullivan, T.; Davis, G.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2010Muller's muscle: A component of the peribulbar smooth muscle networkKakizaki, H.; Takahashi, Y.; Nakano, T.; Asamoto, K.; Ikeda, H.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Leibovitch, I.
2006Periocular and orbital amyloidosis - Clinical characteristics, management, and outcomeLeibovitch, I.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Goldberg, R.; Sullivan, T.; Saeed, P.; Davis, G.; McCann, J.; McNab, A.; Rootman, J.