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2023Clinical determinants of insulin requirements during treatment of prednisolone-induced hyperglycaemiaChen, A.X.; Radhakutty, A.; Zimmermann, A.; Stranks, S.N.; Thompson, C.H.; Burt, M.G.
2022Primary and Secondary Care Related Quality Indicators for Dementia Care Among Australian Aged Care Users: National Trends, Risk Factors, and VariationRahja, M.; Air, T.; Ahern, S.; Ward, S.A.; Caughey, G.E.; Sluggett, J.K.; Cations, M.; Lin, X.; Wallis, K.; Crotty, M.; Inacio, M.C.
2014Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor usage and acute kidney injury: A secondary analysis of RENAL study outcomesWang, A.Y.; Bellomo, R.; Ninomiya, T.; Lo, S.; Cass, A.; Jardine, M.; Gallagher, M.
2023TP53 mutation variant allele frequency of ≥10% is associated with poor prognosis in therapy-related myeloid neoplasmsShah, M.V.; Tran, E.N.H.; Shah, S.; Chhetri, R.; Baranwal, A.; Ladon, D.; Shultz, C.; Al-Kali, A.; Brown, A.L.; Chen, D.; Scott, H.S.; Greipp, P.; Thomas, D.; Alkhateeb, H.B.; Singhal, D.; Gangat, N.; Kumar, S.; Patnaik, M.M.; Hahn, C.N.; Kok, C.H.; et al.
2019Physical Frailty: ICFSR International Clinical Practice Guidelines for Identification and ManagementDent, E.; Morley, J.E.; Cruz-Jentoft, A.J.; Woodhouse, L.; Rodríguez-Mañas, L.; Fried, L.P.; Woo, J.; Aprahamian, I.; Sanford, A.; Lundy, J.; Landi, F.; Beilby, J.; Martin, F.C.; Bauer, J.M.; Ferrucci, L.; Merchant, R.A.; Dong, B.; Arai, H.; Hoogendijk, E.O.; Won, C.W.; et al.
2022Association Between Sleep Microstructure and Incident Hypertension in a Population-Based Sample: The HypnoLaus StudyBerger, M.; Vakulin, A.; Hirotsu, C.; Marchi, N.A.; Solelhac, G.; Bayon, V.; Siclari, F.; Haba-Rubio, J.; Vaucher, J.; Vollenweider, P.; Marques-Vidal, P.; Lechat, B.; Catcheside, P.G.; Eckert, D.J.; Adams, R.J.; Appleton, S.; Heinzer, R.
2023Elevated Maternal Folate Status and Changes in Maternal Prolactin, Placental Lactogen and Placental Growth Hormone Following Folic Acid Food Fortification: Evidence from Two Prospective Pregnancy CohortsJankovic-Karasoulos, T.; Smith, M.D.; Leemaqz, S.; Williamson, J.; McCullough, D.; Arthurs, A.L.; Jones, L.A.; Bogias, K.J.; Mol, B.W.; Dalton, J.; Dekker, G.A.; Roberts, C.T.
2010Prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension in rural China: Results from Shandong ProvinceLi, H.; Meng, Q.; Sun, X.; Salter, A.; Briggs, N.; Hiller, J.
2014Utility of Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI) equations in obese diabetic individuals before and after weight lossJesudason, D.; Pedersen, E.; Clifton, P.
2023Associations of advanced age with comorbidity, stage and primary subsite as contributors to mortality from colorectal cancerGheybi, K.; Buckley, E.; Vitry, A.; Roder, D.