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2007Disenfranchised grievers - The GP's role in managementSelby, S.; Jones, A.; Burgess, T.; Clark, S.; Moulding, N.; Beilby, J.
2009Analyses of associations with asthma in four asthma population samples from Canada and AustraliaDaly, D.; Lemire, M.; Akhabir, L.; Chan-Yeung, M.; He, J.; McDonald, T.; Stanford, A.; Stefanowicz, D.; Tripp, B.; Zamar, D.; Bosse, Y.; Ferretti, V.; Montpetit, A.; Tessier, M.; Becker, A.; Kozyrskyj, A.; Beilby, J.; McCaskie, P.; Musk, A.; Warrington, N.; et al.
2003General practice researchBeilby, J.; Furler, J.
2007Organisational capacity and chronic disease care - An Australian general practice perspectiveProudfoot, J.; Infante, F.; Holton, C.; Davies, G.; Bubner, T.; Beilby, J.; Harris, M.
2004The way forward: the International Primary Care Respiratory Group 2nd World Conference, Melbourne, 19-22 February 2004Beilby, J.; Glasgow, N.; Fardy, H.
2005Empiric validation of the Rural Australian Medical Undergraduate Scholarship 'rural background' criterionLaven, G.; Wilkinson, D.; Beilby, J.; McElroy, H.
2009Sequence variants in three loci influence monocyte counts and erythrocyte volumeFerreira, M.; Hottenga, J.; Warrington, N.; Medland, S.; Willemsen, G.; Lawrence, R.; Gordon, S.; de Geus, E.; Henders, A.; Smit, J.; Campbell, M.; Wallace, L.; Evans, D.; Wright, M.; Nyholt, D.; James, A.; Beilby, J.; Penninx, B.; Palmer, L.; Frazer, I.; et al.
2019Application of an electronic Frailty Index in Australian primary care: data quality and feasibility assessmentAmbagtsheer, R.C.; Beilby, J.; Dabravolskaj, J.; Abbasi, M.; Archibald, M.M.; Dent, E.
2022Shariant platform: Enabling evidence sharing across Australian clinical genetic-testing laboratories to support variant interpretation.Tudini, E.; Andrews, J.; Lawrence, D.M.; King-Smith, S.L.; Baker, N.; Baxter, L.; Beilby, J.; Bennetts, B.; Beshay, V.; Black, M.; Boughtwood, T.F.; Brion, K.; Cheong, P.L.; Christie, M.; Christodoulou, J.; Chong, B.; Cox, K.; Davis, M.R.; Dejong, L.; Dinger, M.E.; et al.