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2019Examining the increased rates of deceased donor kidney nonutilization in Australia: what has changed?Sypek, M.; Ullah, S.; Hughes, P.; Clayton, P.; McDonald, S.
2013End-stage kidney disease among indigenous peoples of Australia and New ZealandMcDonald, S.
2004Long-term survival of children with end-stage renal diseaseMcDonald, S.; Craig, J.
2004The incidence of treated end-stage renal disease in New Zealand Maori and Pacific Island people and in Indigenous AustraliansStewart, J.; McCredie, M.; McDonald, S.
2011Effect of dialysis modality on survival of hepatitis C-infected ESRF patientsBose, B.; McDonald, S.; Hawley, C.; Brown, F.; Badve, S.; Wiggins, K.; Bannister, K.; Boudville, N.; Clayton, P.; Johnson, D.
2013The outcomes of patients with ESRD and ANCA-associated vasculitis in Australia and New ZealandTang, W.; Bose, B.; McDonald, S.; Hawley, C.; Badve, S.; Boudville, N.; Brown, F.; Clayton, P.; Campbell, S.; Peh, C.; Johnson, D.
2007Parental donors in live-donor kidney transplantation associated with increased rejection rates and reduced glomerular filtration ratesLim, W.; Chang, S.; Coates, P.; McDonald, S.
2008Trends in adult post-kidney transplant immunosuppressive use in Australia, 1991-2005Chang, S.; Russ, G.; Chadban, S.; Campbell, S.; McDonald, S.
2012Seasonal variation in peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis: a multi-centre registry studyCho, Y.; Badva, S.; Hawley, C.; McDonald, S.; Brown, F.; Boudville, N.; Wiggins, K.; Bannister, K.; Clayton, P.; Johnson, D.
2011Risk of tuberculosis in dialysis patients: a nationwide cohort studyDobler, C.; McDonald, S.; Marks, G.