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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Mortality variation across Australia: descriptive data for States and Territories, and statistical divisionsWilkinson, D.; Hiller, J.; Moss, J.; Ryan, P.; Worsley, A.
1998Carbon monoxide exposures in Australian workplaces could precipitate myocardial ischaemia in smoking workers with coronary artery diseaseWickramatillake, H.; Gun, R.; Ryan, P.
2009Hospital admissions of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians due to interpersonal violence, July 1999 to June 2004Berry, J.; Harrison, J.; Ryan, P.
2010Use of health services and medicines amongst Australian war veterans: a comparison of young elderly, near centenarians and centenariansRoughead, E.; Kalisch, L.; Ramsay, E.; Ryan, P.; Gilbert, A.
2012Improving attendance for cardiovascular risk assessment in Australian general practice: an RCT of a monetary incentive for patientsStocks, N.; Allan, J.; Frank, O.; Williams, S.; Ryan, P.
2008Mortality and cancer incidence of Australian participants in the British nuclear tests in AustraliaGun, R.; Parsons, J.; Crouch, P.; Ryan, P.; Hiller, J.
2010Influence of comorbidities on therapeutic progression of diabetes treatment in Australian veterans: a cohort studyVitry, A.; Roughead, E.; Preiss, A.; Ryan, P.; Ramsay, E.; Gilbert, A.; Caughey, G.; Shakib, S.; Esterman, A.; Zhang, Y.; McDermott, R.; Fadini, G.P.
2011Different competing risks models applied to data from the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement RegistryGillam, M.; Salter, A.; Ryan, P.; Graves, S.
2011What is the benefit of introducing new hip and knee prostheses?Anand, R.; Graves, S.; de Steiger, R.; Davidson, D.; Ryan, P.; Miller, L.; Cashman, K.
2012Trends in reports of child malreatment in the Northern Territory, 1999-2010Guthridge, S.; Ryan, P.; Condon, J.; Bromfield, L.; Moss, J.; Lynch, J.