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2014Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor usage and acute kidney injury: A secondary analysis of RENAL study outcomesWang, A.Y.; Bellomo, R.; Ninomiya, T.; Lo, S.; Cass, A.; Jardine, M.; Gallagher, M.
2023Psychometric properties of the Social Support Scale (SSS) in two Aboriginal samplesSantiago, P.H.R.; Smithers, L.G.; Roberts, R.; Jamieson, L.
2011Health education and a co-ordinated response system to support vulnerable people during heat wavesStuart, K.; Mahmood, M.; Clark, L.; Pace, R.
2005A potential link between magnesium intake and diabetes in Indigenous AustraliansLongstreet, D.; Heath, D.; Vink, R.
2021Diet quality trajectories and cardiovascular phenotypes/metabolic syndrome risk by 11-12 yearsKerr, J.A.; Liu, R.S.; Gasser, C.E.; Mensah, F.K.; Burgner, D.; Lycett, K.; Gillespie, A.N.; Juonala, M.; Clifford, S.A.; Olds, T.; Saffery, R.; Gold, L.; Liu, M.; Azzopardi, P.; Edwards, B.; Dwyer, T.; Wake, M.
2023Child protection system involvement in children of incarcerated mothers: A linked data studySegal, L.; Dawe, S.; Nguyen, H.; Dennison, S.; Gnanamanickam, E.S.; Bell, M.; Spittal, M.; Kinner, S.; Preen, D.B.
2007Modelling to forestall extinction of Australian tropical birdsGarnett, S.; Brook, B.
2023Temporal validation of the Australian estimated post-transplant survival scoreIrish, G.L.; Campbell, S.; Kanellis, J.; Wyburn, K.; Clayton, P.A.
2022Perinatal bereavement care during COVID-19 in Australian maternity settingsBoyle, F.M.; Horey, D.; Dean, J.H.; Lohan, A.; Middleton, P.; Flenady, V.
2017Organ Transplantation in Australia: Inequities in Access and Outcome for Indigenous AustraliansLawton, P.D.; McDonald, S.P.; Snelling, P.L.; Hughes, J.; Cass, A.