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2010The poor response to imatinib observed in CML patients with low OCT-1 activity is not attributable to lower uptake of imatinib into their CD34⁺ cellsEngler, J.; Frede, A.; Saunders, V.; Zannettino, A.; White, D.; Hughes, T.
2009Predicting the response of CML patients to tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapyWhite, D.; Hughes, T.
2008Dasatinib suppresses in vitro natural killer cell cytotoxicityBlake, S.; Lyons, A.; Fraser, C.; Hayball, J.; Hughes, T.
2009Impact of baseline BCR-ABL mutations on response to Nilotinib in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phaseHughes, T.; Saglio, G.; Branford, S.; Soverini, S.; Kim, J.; Muller, M.; Martinelli, G.; Cortes, J.; Beppu, L.; Gottardi, E.; Dongho, K.; Erben, P.; Shou, Y.; Haque, A.; Gallagher, N.; Radich, J.; Hochhaus, A.
2010Establishment of the first World Health Organization International Genetic Reference Panel for quantitation of BCR-ABL mRNABranford, S.; Hughes, T.
2008Optimizing outcomes for patients with advanced disease in chronic myelogenous leukemiaGiles, F.; DeAngelo, D.; Baccarani, M.; Deininger, M.; Guilhot, F.; Hughes, T.; Radich, J.; Ottmann, O.; Cortes, J.
2009Lin28 promotes transformation and is associated with advanced human malignanciesViswanathan, S.; Powers, J.; Einhorn, W.; Hoshida, Y.; Ng, T.; Toffanin, S.; O'Sullivan, M.; Lu, J.; Philips, L.; Lockhart, V.; Sha, S.; Tanwar, P.; Mermel, C.; Beroukhim, R.; Azam, M.; Teixeira, J.; Meyerson, M.; Hughes, T.; Llovet, J.; Mullighan, C.; et al.
2008Daclizumab has poor efficacy in steroid-refractory severe acute graft-versus-host disease: a single centre experience with 12 allograft patientsHui, C.; Sia, H.; Mangos, H.; Horvath, N.; Lewis, I.; Hughes, T.; To, L.; Bardy, P.
2011BCR-ABL transcript dynamics support the hypothesis that leukemic stem cells are reduced during imatinib teatmentStein, A.; Bottino, D.; Modur, V.; Branford, S.; Kaeda, J.; Goldman, J.; Hughes, T.; Radich, J.; Hochhaus, A.
2011OCT-1 as a determinant of response to antileukemic treatmentEngler, J.; Hughes, T.; White, D.