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2001Expandable metallic stents should not be used in the treatment of benign esophageal stricturesAckroyd, R.; Watson, D.; Devitt, P.; Jamieson, G.
1995An initial experience with a posterior intrahepatic approach for liver resections.Jamieson, G.; Miller, R.
1999Totally endoscopic Ivor Lewis esophagectomyWatson, D.; Davies, N.; Jamieson, G.
2001Role of fundoplication in patient symptomatology after laparoscopic antireflux surgerydeBeaux, A.; Watson, D.; O'Boyle, C.; Jamieson, G.
2014IGFBP7 is associated with poor prognosis in oesophageal adenocarcinoma and is regulated by promoter DNA methylationSmith, E.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Jamieson, G.; Drew, P.
2000Outcome of laparoscopic anterior 180-degree partial fundoplication for gastroesophageal reflux diseaseWatson, D.; Liu, J.; Devitt, P.; Game, P.; Jamieson, G.
1997Oesophageal motility before and after laparoscopic Nissen fundoplicationMathew, G.; Watson, D.; Myers, J.; Holloway, R.; Jamieson, G.
2000Belching and bloating: facts and fantasy after antireflux surgeryTew, S.; Ackroyd, R.; Jamieson, G.; Holloway, R.
2002Laparoscopic fundoplication for patients with symptoms but no objective evidence of gastroesophageal refluxLeeder, P.; Watson, D.; Jamieson, G.
2015Quality of life following repair of large hiatal hernia is improved but not influenced by use of mesh: results from a randomized controlled trialKoetje, J.; Irvine, T.; Thompson, S.; Devitt, P.; Woods, S.; Aly, A.; Jamieson, G.; Watson, D.