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1998Clinical and radiological predictors of complete excision in breast-conserving surgery for primary breast cancerKollias, J.; Gill, P.; Beamond, B.; Rossi, H.; Langlois, S.; Vernon-Roberts, E.
1996Treatment of humeral shaft fractures with the seidel intramedullary nailBain, G.; Sandow, M.; Howie, D.
1996Changes in fibrinogen levels in patients undergoing open and laparoscopic Nissen fundoplicationPike, G.; Bessell, J.; Mathew, G.; Watson, D.; Mitchell, P.; Jamieson, G.
1996Prolonged survival follows resection of oesophageal SCC downstaged by prior chemoradiotherapyBessell, J.; Devitt, P.; Gill, P.; Goyal, S.; Jamieson, G.
1996Thirty years experience with heart valve surgery: isolated aortic valve replacement.Bessell, J.; Gower, G.; Craddock, D.; Stubberfield, J.; Maddern, G.
2017Transdisciplinary Research In Frailty: Knowledge Translation To Inform New Models of CareArchibald, M.; Kitson, A.; Frewin, D.; Visvanathan, R.
2022SARS-CoV-2 infection and venous thromboembolism after surgery: an international prospective cohort studyKroon, H.; Traeger, L.; Fitridge, R.; Sammour, T.; McVeay, C.; Herath, M.; COVIDSurg Collaborative,; GlobalSurg Collaborative,
2021Timing of surgery following SARS-CoV-2 infection: an international prospective cohort studyCovidSurge Collaborative,; GlobalSurg Collaborative,
2022Malignant Features in Pretreatment Metastatic Lateral Lymph Nodes in Locally Advanced Low Rectal Cancer Predict Distant MetastasesKroon, H.M.; Dudi-Venkata, N.N.; Bedrikovetski, S.; Liu, J.; Haanappel, A.; Ogura, A.; van de Velde, C.J.H.; Rutten, H.J.T.; Beets, G.L.; Thomas, M.L.; Kusters, M.; Sammour, T.
2021Effects of preā€operative isolation on postoperative pulmonary complications after elective surgery: an international prospective cohort studyTraeger, L.; Kroon, H.; Dudi Venkata, N.