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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Analgesic nephropathy and renal replacement therapy in Australia: Trends, Comorbidities and outcomesChang, S.; Mathew, T.; McDonald, S.
2007Trends in hemodialysis vascular access from the Australia and New Zealand dialysis and transplant registry (ANZDATA) 2000 to 2005Moist, L.; Chang, S.; Polkinghorne, K.; McDonald, S.
2007Trends in kidney transplantation in Australia and New Zealand, 1993-2004Chang, S.; Russ, G.; Chadban, S.; Campbell, S.; McDonald, S.
2006Effect of previously failed kidney transplantation on peritoneal dialysis outcomes in the Australian and New Zealand patient populationsBadva, S.; Hawley, C.; McDonald, S.; Mudge, D.; Rosman, J.; Brown, F.; Johnson, D.
2014Pregnancy outcomes according to dialysis commencing before or after conception in women with ESRDJesudason, S.; Grace, B.; McDonald, S.
2004Predictors of baseline peritoneal transport status in Australian and New Zealand peritoneal dialysis patientsRumpsfeld, M.; McDonald, S.; Purdie, D.; Collins, J.; Johnson, D.
2020REDUcing the burden of dialysis Catheter ComplicaTIOns: a National approach (REDUCCTION) – design and baseline resultsKotwal, S.; Coggan, S.; McDonald, S.; Talaulikar, G.; Cass, A.; Jan, S.; Polkinghorne, K.R.; Gray, N.A.; Gallagher, M.
2001Donor and recipient risk factors and choice of immunosuppression determine long-term outcome in renal transplantationMathew, T.; McDonald, S.; Russ, G.
2005Higher rate and earlier peritonitis in Aboriginal patients compared to non-Aboriginal patients with end-stage renal failure maintained on peritoneal dialysis in Australia: Analysis of ANZDATALim, W.; Johnson, D.; McDonald, S.
2004Incidence of end-stage renal disease in overseas-born, compared with Australian-born, non-indigenous AustraliansStewart, J.; McCredie, M.; McDonald, S.