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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Interfaces between cardiovascular and kidney diseae among Aboriginal AustraliansMcDonald, S.; Hoy, W.
2004Interpreting incidence trends for treated end-stage renal disease: implications for evaluating disease control in AustraliaStewart, J.; McCredie, M.; Williams, S.; McDonald, S.
2010Effect of reduced immunosuppression after kidney transplant failure on risk of cancer: population based retrospective cohort studyvan Leeuwen, M.; Webster, A.; McCredie, M.; Stewart, J.; McDonald, S.; Amin, J.; Kaldor, J.; Chapman, J.; Vajdic, C.; Grulich, A.
2003Burden of end-stage renal disease among indigenous peoples in Australia and New ZealandMcDonald, S.; Russ, G.
2009Pseudomonas peritonitis in Australia: predictors, treatment, and outcomes in 191 casesSiva, B.; Hawley, C.; McDonald, S.; Brown, F.; Rosman, J.; Wiggins, K.; Bannister, K.; Johnson, D.
2012Risk factors for dialysis withdrawal: An analysis of the Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant (ANZDATA) Registry, 1999-2008Chan, H.; Clayton, P.; McDonald, S.; Agar, J.; Jose, M.
2006Cancer incidence before and after kidney transplantationVajdic, C.; McDonald, S.; McCredie, M.; van Leeuwen, M.; Stewart, J.; Law, M.; Chapman, J.; Webster, A.; Kaldor, J.; Grulich, A.
2006The enigma of hypertensive ESRD: Observations on incidence and trends in 18 European, Canadian, and Asian-Pacific populations, 1998 to 2002Stewart, J.; McCredie, M.; Williams, S.; Jager, K.; Trpeski, L.; McDonald, S.