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2022Explaining health inequalities in Australia: the contribution of income, wealth and employmentFlavel, J.; McKee, M.; Tesfay, F.H.; Musolino, C.; Freeman, T.; van Eyk, H.; Baum, F.
2022Safety and immunogenicity of a primary series and booster dose of the meningococcal serogroup B-factor H binding protein vaccine (MenB-FHbp) in healthy children aged 1-9 years: two phase 2 randomised, controlled, observer-blinded studies.Marshall, H.S.; Vesikari, T.; Richmond, P.C.; Wysocki, J.; Szenborn, L.; Beeslaar, J.; Maguire, J.D.; Balmer, P.; O'Neill, R.; Anderson, A.S.; Pr├ęgaldien, J.-L.; Maansson, R.; Jiang, H.-Q.; Perez, J.L.
2022Shariant platform: Enabling evidence sharing across Australian clinical genetic-testing laboratories to support variant interpretation.Tudini, E.; Andrews, J.; Lawrence, D.M.; King-Smith, S.L.; Baker, N.; Baxter, L.; Beilby, J.; Bennetts, B.; Beshay, V.; Black, M.; Boughtwood, T.F.; Brion, K.; Cheong, P.L.; Christie, M.; Christodoulou, J.; Chong, B.; Cox, K.; Davis, M.R.; Dejong, L.; Dinger, M.E.; et al.
2023Excess hospital costs incurred by individuals with child abuse and neglect history in South Australia: A birth-cohort studyGnanamanickam, E.S.; Brown, D.S.; Armfield, J.M.; Segal, L.
2022Trends in myocardial infarction and coronary revascularisation procedures in Australia, 1993-2017Lin, R.Z.; Gallagher, C.; Tu, S.J.; Pitman, B.M.; Nelson, A.J.; Roberts-Thomson, R.L.; Worthley, M.I.; Lau, D.H.; Sanders, P.; Wong, C.X.
2018Combination nivolumab and ipilimumab or nivolumab alone in melanoma brain metastases: a multicentre randomised phase 2 studyLong, G.V.; Atkinson, V.; Lo, S.; Sandhu, S.; Guminski, A.D.; Brown, M.P.; Wilmott, J.S.; Edwards, J.; Gonzalez, M.; Scolyer, R.A.; Menzies, A.M.; McArthur, G.A.
2018The effect of post-traumatic stress disorder on refugees' parenting and their children's mental health: a cohort studyBryant, R.; Edwards, B.; Creamer, M.; O'Donnell, M.; Forbes, D.; Felmingham, K.; Silove, D.; Steel, Z.; Nickerson, A.; McFarlane, A.; Van Hooff, M.; Hadzi-Pavlovic, D.
2022Differential effectiveness of a practice change intervention to improve antenatal care addressing alcohol consumption during pregnancy: Exploratory subgroup analyses within a randomised stepped-wedge controlled trialDoherty, E.; Wiggers, J.; Wolfenden, L.; Tully, B.; Lecathelinais, C.; Attia, J.; Elliott, E.J.; Dunlop, A.; Symonds, I.; Rissel, C.; Tsang, T.W.; Kingsland, M.
2022Rascall: Rapid (Ra) screening (Sc) of RNA-seq data for prognostically significant genomic alterations in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)Rehn, J.; Mayoh, C.; Heatley, S.L.; McClure, B.J.; Eadie, L.N.; Schutz, C.; Yeung, D.T.; Cowley, M.J.; Breen, J.; White, D.L.
2021Predicting new major depression symptoms from long working hours, psychosocial safety climate and work engagement: A population-based cohort studyZadow, A.J.; Dollard, M.F.; Dormann, C.; Landsbergis, P.