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2022Assessing the quality of cardiac rehabilitation programs by measuring adherence to the Australian quality indicatorsAstley, C.M.; Beleigoli, A.; Tavella, R.; Gallagher, H.J.C.; Tirimacco, R.; Wilson, G.; Barry, T.; Ra, C.
2023An intersectionality approach to Indigenous oral health inequities; the super-additive impacts of racism and negative life eventsJamieson, L.; Ju, X.; Haag, D.; Ribeiro, P.; Soares, G.; Hedges, J.
2015Does school health and home economics education influence adults' food knowledge?Worsley, A.; Wang, W.C.; Yeatman, H.; Byrne, S.; Wijayaratne, P.
2023Which clinical research questions are the most important? Development and preliminary validation of the Australia & New Zealand Musculoskeletal (ANZMUSC) Clinical Trials Network Research Question Importance Tool (ANZMUSC-RQIT).Taylor, W.J.; Willink, R.; O'Connor, D.A.; Patel, V.; Bourne, A.; Harris, I.A.; Whittle, S.L.; Richards, B.; Clavisi, O.; Green, S.; Hinman, R.S.; Maher, C.G.; Cahill, A.; McPherson, A.; Hewson, C.; May, S.E.; Walker, B.; Robinson, P.C.; Ghersi, D.; Fitzpatrick, J.; et al.
2023The cost-effectiveness of coronary calcium score-guided statin therapy initiation for Australians with family histories of premature coronary artery diseaseVenkataraman, P.; Neil, A.L.; Mitchell, G.K.; Stanton, T.; Nicholls, S.; Tonkin, A.M.; Watts, G.F.; Marwick, T.H.
2023Valuing protected area tourism ecosystem services using big dataLoch, A.; Scholz, G.; Auricht, C.; Sexton, S.; O'Connor, P.; Imgraben, S.
2022Primary and Secondary Care Related Quality Indicators for Dementia Care Among Australian Aged Care Users: National Trends, Risk Factors, and VariationRahja, M.; Air, T.; Ahern, S.; Ward, S.A.; Caughey, G.E.; Sluggett, J.K.; Cations, M.; Lin, X.; Wallis, K.; Crotty, M.; Inacio, M.C.
2014Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor usage and acute kidney injury: A secondary analysis of RENAL study outcomesWang, A.Y.; Bellomo, R.; Ninomiya, T.; Lo, S.; Cass, A.; Jardine, M.; Gallagher, M.
2023Psychometric properties of the Social Support Scale (SSS) in two Aboriginal samplesSantiago, P.H.R.; Smithers, L.G.; Roberts, R.; Jamieson, L.
2011Health education and a co-ordinated response system to support vulnerable people during heat wavesStuart, K.; Mahmood, M.; Clark, L.; Pace, R.