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2023Assistance dogs help reduce mental health symptoms among Australian Defence Force veterans and emergency services personnel: A pilot studyHansen, C.; Iannos, M.; Van Hooff, M.
2023Australians support for policy initiatives addressing unhealthy diet: a population-based studyGupta, A.; Raine, K.D.; Moynihan, P.; Peres, M.A.
2021Gene selection for the Australian Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening Project ("Mackenzie's Mission")Kirk, E.P.; Ong, R.; Boggs, K.; Hardy, T.; Righetti, S.; Ben, K.; Roscioli, T.; Amor, D.J.; Bakshi, M.; Chung, C.W.T.; Colley, A.; Jamieson, R.; Liebelt, J.; Ma, A.; Pachter, N.; Rajagopalan, S.; Ravine, A.; Wilson, M.; Caruana, J.; Casella, R.; et al.
2023Family planning and multiple sclerosis: A qualitative study of patient experiences to understand information needs and promote informed decision-makingAnna, F.; Rumbold Alice, R.; Grzeskowiak Luke, E.
2023Evaluation of Uptake of COVID-19 Temporary Allied Health Services for Residential Aged Care in AustraliaCaughey, G.E.; Collier, L.; Cations, M.; Wesselingh, S.; Inacio, M.C.
2023Robust and prototypical immune responses toward COVID-19 vaccine in First Nations peoples are impacted by comorbidities.Zhang, W.; Kedzierski, L.; Chua, B.Y.; Mayo, M.; Lonzi, C.; Rigas, V.; Middleton, B.F.; McQuilten, H.A.; Rowntree, L.C.; Allen, L.F.; Purcell, R.A.; Tan, H.-X.; Petersen, J.; Chaurasia, P.; Mordant, F.; Pogorelyy, M.V.; Minervina, A.A.; Crawford, J.C.; Perkins, G.B.; Zhang, E.; et al.
2023Clinical characteristics and survival of pulmonary arterial hypertension with or without interstitial lung disease in systemic sclerosis.Fairley, J.L.; Hansen, D.; Ross, L.; Proudman, S.; Sahhar, J.; Ngian, G.-S.; Walker, J.; Host, L.V.; Morrisroe, K.; Apostolopoulous, D.; Ferdowsi, N.; Wilson, M.; Tabesh, M.; Stevens, W.; Nikpour, M.; Australian Scleroderma Interest Group
2023Complex intervention to promote human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake in school settings: A cluster-randomized trialDavies, C.; Marshall, H.S.; Brotherton, J.M.L.; McCaffery, K.; Kang, M.; Macartney, K.; Garland, S.; Kaldor, J.; Zimet, G.; Skinner, S.R.; Study Group
2023Does the contribution of modifiable risk factors on oral health inequities differ by experience of negative life events among Indigenous Australian adults?Jamieson, L.; Hedges, J.; Paradies, Y.; Ju, X.
2023Projecting the future: modelling Australian dialysis prevalence 2021–30Keuskamp, D.; Davies, C.E.; Irish, G.L.; Jesudason, S.; McDonald, S.P.