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2001An ethics core curriculum for Australasian medical schoolsBraunack-Mayer, A.; Gillam, L.; Vance, E.; Gillett, G.; Kerridge, I.; McPhee, J.; Saul, P.; Smith, D.; Wellsmore, H.; Koczwara, B.; Rogers, W.; Stoffell, B.; McNeill, P.; Newell, C.; Parker, M.; Walton, M.; Whitehall, J.
2000WISDOM Will Australian women participate?MacLennan, A.; Paine, B.; Marley, J.
2010Determinants of male reproductive health disorders: the Men in Australia Telephone Survey (MATeS)Holden, C.; McLauchlan, R.; Pitts, M.; Cumming, R.; Wittert, G.; Ehsani, J.; De Kretser, D.; Handelsman, D.
2012Endoscopic sinus surgery training courses: Benefit and problems - a multicentre evaluation to systematically improve surgical trainingBraun, T.; Betz, C.; Ledderose, G.; Havel, M.; Stelter, K.; Kuhnel, T.; Strauss, G.; Waschke, J.; Kirchner, T.; Briner, H.; Simmen, D.; Caversaccio, M.; Wormald, P.; Jones, N.; Leunig, A.
2007General practice placements for pre-registration junior doctors: adding value to intern education and trainingMartin, A.; Laurence, C.; Black, L.; Mugford, B.
2006Classifications used by Australian forensic odontologists in identification reportsHiggins, D.; James, H.
2012Traumatic events, other operational stressors and physical and mental health reported by Australian Defence Force personnel following peacekeeping and war-like deploymentsWaller, M.; Treloar, S.; Sim, M.; McFarlane, A.; McGuire, A.; Bleier, J.; Dobson, A.
2004Access to dental care in AustraliaHarford, J.; Ellershaw, A.; Stewart, J.
2001Inaccurate classification of infant deaths in Australia: a persistent and pervasive problemByard, R.
2001Heart failure in older people: the epidemic we had to haveHorowitz, J.; Stewart, S.