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2015Age-specific population centiles for androgen status in menHandelsman, D.J.; Yeap, B.B.; Flicker, L.; Martin, S.; Wittert, G.A.; Ly, L.P.
1996Functional interference between hypoxia and dioxin signal transduction pathways: competition for recruitment of the Arnt transcription factorGradin, K.; McGuire, J.; Wenger, R.; Kvietikova, I.; Whitelaw, M.; Toftgard, R.; Tora, L.; Gassman, M.; Poellinger, L.
1999Multiple Roles of Ligand in Transforming the Dioxin Receptor to an Active Basic Helix-Loop-Helix/PAS Transcription Factor Complex with the Nuclear Protein ArntLees, M.; Whitelaw, M.
2020A psychometric network analysis of OHIP-14 across Australian and Brazilian populationsSoares, G.H.; Ribeiro Santiago, P.; Werneck, R.I.; Michel-Crosato, E.; Jamieson, L.
2017The combination of metformin and valproic acid induces synergistic apoptosis in the presence of p53 and androgen signaling in prostate cancerTran, L.N.; Kichenadasse, G.; Butler, L.M.; Centenera, M.M.; Morel, K.L.; Ormsby, R.J.; Michael, M.Z.; Lower, K.M.; Sykes, P.J.
2022Statistical analysis plan for the stepped wedge clinical trial Healing Right Way—enhancing rehabilitation services for Aboriginal Australians after brain injuryArmstrong, E.; Rai, T.; Hersh, D.; Thompson, S.; Coffin, J.; Ciccone, N.; Flicker, L.; Cadilhac, D.; Godecke, E.; Woods, D.; Hayward, C.; Hankey, G.J.; McAllister, M.; Katzenellenbogen, J.
2022Risky business: a single-centre cross-sectional analysis of calculated cardiovascular risk in patients with primary aldosteronism and essential hypertensionSolanki, P.; Gwini, S.M.; Libianto, R.; Gabb, G.; Shen, J.; Young, M.J.; Fuller, P.J.; Yang, J.
2022Male infertility and somatic health - insights into lipid damage as a mechanistic linkBurke, N.D.; Nixon, B.; Roman, S.D.; Schjenken, J.E.; Walters, J.L.H.; Aitken, R.J.; Bromfield, E.G.
2022Establishment of human induced trophoblast stem cells via reprogramming of fibroblastsTan, J.P.; Liu, X.; Polo, J.M.
2022A prospective registry analysis of psychosocial and metabolic health between women with and without metabolic syndrome after a complicated pregnancyAldridge, E.; Schubert, K.O.; Pathirana, M.; Sierp, S.; Leemaqz, S.Y.; Roberts, C.T.; Dekker, G.A.; Arstall, M.A.