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2013Should long-term ventilation be offered in severe spinal muscular atrophyWilkinson, D.; Gillam, L.
2013Poor growth and pneumonia seasonality in infants in the Philippines: cohort and time series studiesPaynter, S.; Ware, R.; Lucero, M.; Tallo, V.; Nohynek, H.; Simões, E.; Weinstein, P.; Sly, P.; Williams, G.; ARIVAC Consortium
2012pH-responsive NIR enhanced drug release from gold nanocages possesses high potency against cancer cellsShi, P.; Qu, K.; Wang, J.; Li, M.; Ren, J.; Qu, X.
2014Final trial report of sentinel-node biopsy versus nodal observation in melanomaMorton, D.; Thompson, J.; Cochran, A.; Mozzillo, N.; Nieweg, O.; Roses, D.; Hoekstra, H.; Karakousis, C.; Puleo, C.; Coventry, B.; Kashani-Sabet, M.; Smithers, B.; Paul, E.; Kraybill, W.; McKinnon, J.; Wang, H.; Elashoff, R.; Faries, M.
2012Strategies for annotation and curation of translational databases: the eTUMOUR projectJulià-Sapé, M.; Lurgi, M.; Mier, M.; Estanyol, F.; Rafael, X.; Candiota, A.; Barceló, A.; García, A.; Martínez-Bisbal, M.; Ferrer-Luna, R.; Moreno-Torres, A.; Celda, B.; Arús, C.
2014Randomized phase III trial of temsirolimus versus sorafenib as second-line therapy after sunitinib in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinomaHutson, T.; Escudier, B.; Esteban, E.; Bjarnason, G.; Lim, H.; Pittman, K.; Senico, P.; Niethammer, A.; Lu, D.; Hariharan, S.; Motzer, R.
2014Survivorship of hip and knee implants in pediatric and young adult populationsSedrakyan, A.; Romero, L.; Graves, S.; Davidson, D.; de Steiger, R.; Lewis, P.; Solomon, M.; Vial, R.; Lorimer, M.
2014Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day EuropeansLazaridis, I.; Patterson, N.; Mittnik, A.; Renaud, G.; Mallick, S.; Kirsanow, K.; Sudmant, P.; Schraiber, J.; Castellano, S.; Lipson, M.; Berger, B.; Economou, C.; Bollongino, R.; Fu, Q.; Bos, K.; Nordenfelt, S.; Li, H.; De Filippo, C.; Prüfer, K.; Sawyer, S.; et al.
2013Why do nitrates have limited efficacy in coronary microvessels?Beltrame, J.; Horowitz, J.
2016Inherited determinants of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis phenotypes: a genetic association studyCleynen, I.; Boucher, G.; Jostins, L.; Schumm, L.; Zeissig, S.; Ahmad, T.; Andersen, V.; Andrews, J.; Annese, V.; Brand, S.; Brant, S.; Cho, J.; Daly, M.; Dubinsky, M.; Duerr, R.; Ferguson, L.; Franke, A.; Gearry, R.; Goyette, P.; Hakonarson, H.; et al.