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2016Stillbirths: recall to action in high-income countriesFlenady, V.; Wojcieszek, A.; Middleton, P.; Ellwood, D.; Erwich, J.; Coory, M.; Khong, T.; Silver, R.; Smith, G.; Boyle, F.; Lawn, J.; Blencowe, H.; Leisher, S.; Gross, M.; Horey, D.; Farrales, L.; Bloomfield, F.; McCowan, L.; Brown, S.; Joseph, K.; et al.
2015Mutations in DDX3X are a common cause of unexplained intellectual disability with gender-specific effects on Wnt signalingSnijders Blok, L.; Madsen, E.; Juusola, J.; Gilissen, C.; Baralle, D.; Reijnders, M.; Venselaar, H.; Helsmoortel, C.; Cho, M.; Hoischen, A.; Vissers, L.; Koemans, T.; Wissink-Lindhout, W.; Eichler, E.; Romano, C.; Van Esch, H.; Stumpel, C.; Vreeburg, M.; Smeets, E.; Oberndorff, K.; et al.
2013Health outcomes of a subsidised fruit and vegetable program for Aboriginal children in northern New South WalesBlack, A.; Vally, H.; Morris, P.; Daniel, M.; Esterman, A.; Smith, F.; O'Dea, K.
2013Impact of education and provision of complementary feeding on growth and morbidity in children less than 2 years of age in developing countries: a systematic reviewLassi, Z.; Das, J.; Zahid, G.; Imdad, A.; Bhutta, Z.
2013Effect of community based interventions on childhood diarrhea and pneumonia: uptake of treatment modalities and impact on mortalityDas, J.; Lassi, Z.; Salam, R.; Bhutta, Z.
2014Preventive pathology revisitedByard, R.
2015PET-specific parameters and radiotracers in theoretical tumour modellingJennings, M.; Marcu, L.; Bezak, E.
2014Soda consumption is associated with negative behavior in young childrenShi, Z.
2015Preliminary investigation of microdosimetric track structure physics models in Geant4-DNA and RITRACKSDouglass, M.; Penfold, S.; Bezak, E.
2014Accelerated intestinal glucose absorption in morbidly obese humans: relationship to glucose transporters, incretin hormones, and glycaemiaNguyen, N.; Debreceni, T.; Bambrick, J.; Chia, B.; Wishart, J.; Deane, A.; Rayner, C.; Horowitz, M.; Young, R.