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2011Of mice and 'convicts': Origin of the Australian house mouse, Mus musculusGabriel, S.; Stevens, M.; da Luz Mathias, M.; Searle, J.
2009Important Role for CC Chemokine Ligand 2-Dependent Lung Mononuclear Phagocyte Recruitment to Inhibit Sepsis in Mice Infected with Streptococcus pneumoniaeWinter, C.; Herbold, W.; Maus, R.; Langer, F.; Briles, D.; Paton, J.; Welte, T.; Maus, U.
1997Rheumatoid arthritis and the balance of dietary n-6 and n-3 essential fatty acidsCleland, L.; James, M.
2004Zinc protects against arsenic induced apoptosis in a neuronal cell line, measured by DEVD-caspase activityMilton, A.; Zalewski, P.; Ratnaike, R.
2002Exceptional sperm cooperation in the wood mouseMoore, H.; Dvorakova, K.; Jenkins, N.; Breed, W.
2013Targeting amino acid transport in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: Effects on cell cycle, cell growth, and tumor developmentWang, Q.; Tiffen, J.; Bailey, C.; Lehman, M.; Ritchie, W.; Fazli, L.; Metierre, C.; Feng, Y.; Li, E.; Gleave, M.; Buchanan, G.; Nelson, C.; Rasko, J.; Holst, J.
2009Seminiferous tubule transfection in vitro to define post-meiotic gene regulationDanner, S.; Kirchhoff, C.; Ivell, R.
2009Manipulation of cell: Cell contacts and mesoderm suppressing activity direct lineage choice from pluripotent primitive ectoderm-like cells in cultureHughes, J.; Washington, J.; Zheng, Z.; Lau, X.; Yap, C.; Rathjen, P.; Rathjen, J.
2011Selective abrogation of BiP/GRP78 blunts activation of NF-κΒ through the ATF6 branch of the UPR: involvement of C/EBPβ and mTOR-dependent dephosphorylation of AktNakajima, S.; Hiramatsu, N.; Hayakawa, K.; Saito, Y.; Kato, H.; Huang, T.; Yao, J.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.; Kitamura, M.
2001The CF salt controversy: In vivo observations and therapeutic approachesTarran, R.; Grubb, B.; Parsons, D.; Picher, M.; Hirsch, A.; Davis, C.; Boucher, R.