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1995A geometric product-form distribution for a queueing network with nonstandard batch arrivals and batch transfersMiyazawa, M.; Taylor, Peter G.
2015An artist in the making: The early drawings of Charles-Alexandre Lesueur during the Baudin expedition to AustraliaWest-Sooby, J.
2002A comparison of linear and nonlinear computations of waves made by slender submerged bodiesTuck, E. O.; Scullen, David Charles
1999On Steady Periodic Interfacial WavesTuck, E. O.; Wiryanto, L.
2002A concavity result for network design problemsKetabi, Saeedeh; Salzborn, F. J.
2016Computational reconstruction of NFκB pathway interaction mechanisms during prostate cancerBörnigen, D.; Tyekucheva, S.; Wang, X.; Rider, J.; Lee, G.; Mucci, L.; Sweeney, C.; Huttenhower, C.
2015Effect of laparoscopic-assisted resection vs open resection on pathological outcomes in rectal cancer: the ALaCaRT randomized clinical trialStevenson, A.; Solomon, M.; Lumley, J.; Hewett, P.; Clouston, A.; Gebski, V.; Davies, L.; Wilson, K.; Hague, W.; Simes, J.
2015Bias and precision of the "multiple imputation, then deletion" method for dealing with missing outcome dataSullivan, T.; Salter, A.; Ryan, P.; Lee, K.
2009The Torrens system - definitely not GermanTaylor, G.
2011DNMT3L is a regulator of X chromosome compaction and post-meiotic gene transcriptionZamudio, N.; Scott, H.; Wolski, K.; Lo, C.; Law, C.; Leong, D.; Kinkel, S.; Chong, S.; Jolley, D.; Smyth, G.; De Kretser, D.; Whitelaw, E.; O'Bryan, M.